Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Birds & Vertigo Hitchcock Posters Release From Mondo

Mondo are celebrating a few of their favorite Hitchcock films: Vertigo and The Birds with new posters by Thomas Danthony, We Buy Your Kids and Adam Simpson!

Thomas Danthony is an artist they've been fans of and wanted to work with for some time. His minimal and bold approach highlights the more voyeuristic aspects of the film and slyly gives the feeling that the tower is leaning over and 'watching' as the man's (is it Scottie or Gavin...?) illuminated face becomes the eye.

"I love the original poster by Saul Bass, as a classic movie poster it was a pleasure to dive into the movie again to create my own version. I wanted a new point of view for the fall scene with an endless fall / vertigo feeling. For me, Vertigo is articulated around that scene which actually happens twice with different characters. I tried to highlight that loop effect of endless falling with the story repeating itself. We can’t see who is falling and which man is in the tower, so it’s up to the viewer to place it in the movie."
- Thomas Danthony

Vertigo by Thomas Danthony. 18"x24" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 175

Mondo will also have a couple of new posters for The Birds by We Buy Your Kids and Adam Simpson. It's no mistake We Buy Your Kids are among some of Mondo's favorite artists (and humans). Their approach is always outside the box and uniquely their own that they usually just get out of their way. Their solution to The Birds was no different.

"This was quite a massive poster for us to tackle, being an all time classic and as a personal favourite with Biddy's dad having a very respectful fascination for it. Watching it again after many years we remarked on what a weird and terrifying movie it is to repeatedly show a little girl. Then after we submitted our first ideas we were shown Laurent's great posters and we were blown away again.

Our focus was always going to be the birdcage - either literally, or the repetition of that in the ending with the characters trapped inside the house. We played around with the idea of Melanie appearing calm within a menacing looking head cage and the two love birds peering in watching her. But we also like the playful grotesque of a love-bird playing peek-a-boo from an empty eye socket.The mood we've tried to set references the early calm of the film, and required a subdued palette which is unusual for us, so there was fun/trepidation to be had rendering it as well." - WBYK

The Birds by We Buy Your Kids. 18"x24" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 150.

Adam Simpson is another artist they're always pleased to work with. In 2014, he created a great poster for Rear Window and they have been eager to get another Hitchcock title out of him ever since. The panic and terror as the birds storm through the roof and violently attack Melanie vividly brings to mind Hitchcock's avian classic.

"I was drawn to the attic scene, as it always resonates with me the most. It embodies the suspense, confusion and the chaos of the movie." - Adam Simpson

The Birds by Adam Simpson. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 250.

The Birds (Variant) by Adam Simpson. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 150.

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