Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tyler Stout Avengers Age of Ultron Cast and Crew Variant Poster Charity Auction & Lunar Calender Print Release

Details from Tyler Stout on some new stuff:

2016 lunar calendar. a few people emailed me asking if i was going to do one, so finally i did. i actually am a bit late, not too many calendars for sale in january for some reason. this is a presale, so these will print next week and ship in a few weeks. Presales will last through this Friday. here it be.

Buy it HERE

-Avengers Cast and Crew variant charity auction.
last year (so long ago) i did a poster for avengers: age of ultron. i received some cast and crew variants, and figured i'd auction them off for charity. just to keep things all above board, i've asked my friend Bryan to help run the auction, he'll be verifying the high bids and just making sure its all above board.

how it works:
- email your high bid to - bids must go to this address.
- bryan will verify that all bids are real, and i'll update the highest bids periodically here
- the top 5 bids will win a poster, since i'm auctioning off 5 copies of this poster.
- all proceeds will go towards a homeless shelter Sarah and i visited this past month called Open House Ministries. while some of you might not be keen on the religious association, we checked them out and they are legit, they help families get off the streets, putting them in an apartment, helping them find work and education. a hand up instead of a hand out, as they say. they also run a thrift store, coffee shop and bike shop run by volunteers, all proceeds going towards helping the homeless. all in all, i was impressed and wanted to contribute. our goal is to raise enough to buy materials to donate, such as backpacks furnished with items teenagers need. its an ongoing project but all funds raised by this sale will go towards it, and i'll keep everyone updated on my blog as things happen.

- the winning bids will need to pay within 24 hours or we'll just move down to the next bid. who knows, maybe only 5 people will bid. you can bid as many times as you like, if you see your bid outbid.

- the auction will close this Sunday at 5PM PST.

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