Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rob Loukotka Coloring Prints: This is a Tasty Burger Release

Rob Loukotka is introducing a new art print series, which is coloring book style. He drew a huge collection of Quentin Tarantino styled items, in black and white, so that people can color in the entire print in any way they choose (with colored pencils or markers. Lots of artists like Copic Markers.). Each limited edition print is signed and numbered by Rob, with extra space for your signature. Team work!

This is pretty fun / weird idea, and he is kicking it off with "This is a Tasty Burger" which features items from Tarantino's films (Hanzo sword from Kill Bill, Django's guns, Big Kahuna Burger from Pulp Fiction, etc.).

Adult coloring books are a thing, but the paper is flimsy and Rob didn't find the subject matter interesting. So this series is on artist quality cover stock, with 8x8" frames available, so the artwork can live on your wall instead of a refrigerator.

These are available now, for $20 unframed (or $60 framed). Limited edition of 200. Signed and numbered by Rob Loukotka at https://fringefocus.com/i/coloring-prints-this-is-a-tasty-burger/

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