Monday, January 11, 2016

Winner of the Mystery Tube Free Friday Poster Giveaway

So those of you that bought Powerball tickets how did you do ? I got the Powerball number in one of the series of numbers and that's as far as I looked.

Lots of good ideas for things to do in the New Year and several I should as well. Like Nike's slogan years ago JUST DO IT.

Speaking of doing it, Jorge Delgado with comment #41 is the winner of the Mystery Tube of posters. Jorge my email is to the right, so please email me your address and I will ship out the posters.

Thanks again to Fugscreen Studios, Billy Perkins & an artist who's name I can't say per their request for this giveaway but can in any other context. Don't ask cause I don't know why I'm just abiding by their wishes.

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