Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Godmachine The Dark Judges & Nemesis The Warlock 2000 AD Prints

Vice Press, under license from Rebellion, is proud to announce the next release in their officially licensed line of limited edition 2000 AD art prints and this time Godmachine is the artist.

These three exciting screen prints include two brand new pieces featuring the Dark Judges, one depicting Judge Death and Judge Fear and another with Judge Fire and Judge Mortis, along with a piece depicting Nemesis The Warlock, which has been much requested by 2000 AD fans. These prints have been lovingly and terrifyingly produced by the inimitable British artist and 2000 AD fan, Godmachine.

From Godmachine:
"A long while ago I was asked to make a poster for a show of Judge Dredd and instinctively drew the dark judges but was met with confusion (I don't think the client knew the comic too well). I approached 2000AD asking if they wanted to print the poster but they didn't do posters then, but did put it in the center page xmas special last year (I was officially an art droid) ....skip to today and I am releasing 3 posters and working on a 4th to pitch. Thanks to James and Matt and 2000AD I can get cozy with one of the most beautiful of creatures- Nemisis The Warlock and those pesky Dark Judgessssssssssssssssssssssss. I tried to stick to (my) iconic memories of all subjects; these are the creators babies and i wanted to pay homage to them as much as put my own flavour in the cauldron.”
As well as being sold separately, the Dark Judges Diptych will also be available as a matching number set.

All three pieces are on sale at

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