Friday, May 31, 2013

Tonight's Primus Poster From Winnipeg by Todd Slater


Tonight's Perfectly Pachydermic Poster for the Primus show in Winnipeg Canada was created by Todd Slater.

Hand printed, 4 color silkscreen poster, measuring 18 X 24. 100 tubed copies will be available for purchase at the merch booth tonight.

Says Todd, "The image relates to Southbound Pachyderm and elephant poaching in particular. I chose to represent man thru the elephant's main predator, the lion. It's part lion and part man with a human face...."

Learn more about this poster and check out Todd's awesome artwork here, he will be selling the poster and a variant at a later date:

Keith Neltner poster for Lance Rice "The Rain Man of Beer" and his inspiring journey

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This summer Lance Rice's dream, a film and book called "Lance's Brewery Tour," is coming true. With help from the greatest breweries in America Lance will set out on a nationwide road trip and author a book about American breweries, a dream 40 years in the making. His journey, which has already been covered by USA Today, MAXIM & Disney's, will be chronicled in an inspiring documentary also titled "Lance's Brewery Tour" (visit for more info).

Lance has an encyclopedic knowledge — a cliche, admittedly, but there’s no better way to describe it — of the history of beer in America, and for 40 years he’s wanted to write the definitive book on the subject. So, Lance’s nephew is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the filming of Lance’s dream, starting with a cross-country tour of America’s breweries. The project was called “Beer, Autism, Hope.”

Renowned Poster artist Keith Neltner and writer Jeff Chambers of Neltner Small Batch known for designing for bands like Alice in Chains, Modest Mouse and Cake created, signed and numbered 50 original hand pulled screen printed posted to support Lance’s Brewery Tour! Lance's film and book are a one-of-a-kind project, which will be embraced and remembered as one of the beer world's most inspiring and memorable projects. Keith Neltner's limited edition posters are a rare and beautiful piece of brewing history! Each poster sold goes to benefit Lance's Brewery Tour / Beer. Autism. Hope.


Where to buy Keith's "Beer. Autism. Hope." poster:

Blog post about Keith's work from "Oh Beautiful Beer":



Sasquatch Print by Joshua Andrew Belanger Warpaint Press Drop #10

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Now I'm not sure if that is Matt Moneymaker in the tent with Bobo or not. But I do know Warpaint Press just dropped this wicked Sasquatch print from Joshua Andrew Belanger. Sasquatch is a limited run print, two variations, each with only 45 copies available on 100# French Construction Blacktop, 18 x 24. Each poster will be stamped and numbered, and comes at a cost of $18 + shipping.

 Keep it Squatchy over at Warpaint Press and get one

Sticker Robot Say Hello to the Newest Sponsor

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No matter what the field be it music, art or whatever; I have always said when someone creates a unique style or something original it's sets them apart from everyone else. Sticker Robot has done that with their silk screen stickers. As a sticker junkie it is a great honor to have Sticker Robot on board as a sponsor on the blog.

They have a client list of Fortune 500 companies and almost every artist you know. All those Obey Giant stickers you get, all printed by Sticker Robot.  When it comes to quality, there is a huge difference between digitally printed stickers and silkscreen stickers. If you're a meat eater, it's like comparing taco bell beef to grass fed filet mignon. If you're a vegetarian, it's like comparing hydroponic, pesticide treated iceberg lettuce to organically grown mescal lettuce. If you're a robot, it's nuts vs bolts. Two totally different products, where the comparisons could go on and on.

You want to make an impact with a sticker that will stand up over time order them from Sticker Robot HERE

Last year when they were giving away Free Pussy Riot stickers I had them send me a few to give out as well. One of my giveaway winners lives in Russia so I sent him some and he put them up in his city. Read the story HERE

Here is more about Sticker Robot you may not know:
Highest Quality Vinyl Stickers
No one can beat our quality. We will take the quality challenge with any silkscreen sticker printing company on the planet. Seriously.
Thick Ink.
Because of our unique sticker printing process, our inks are typically at least 2-3 times thicker than other silkscreen printers and 10x-20x thicker than digitally printed stickers.
Best Materials.
In order to print our custom outdoor stickers, we use the highest quality materials and inks available. Most companies use the cheapest materials they can get in order to save money. We are the only sticker printing company that uses the very highest caliber materials. We are top shelf, son. We're constantly experimenting with new materials and always evolving our process to provide the highest quality stickers in the world. We don't skimp on the materials.
Aggressive Permanent Adhesive.
You're ordering stickers, right? Not "My Pretty Pony" postage stamps...
Thick Liner Backing.
10pt board backing to be precise. This is the average thickness of a postcard. Your Sticker Robot produced stickers will slice a banana.
100% UV Protection... Multiple Passes.
We literally screen 3 passes of clear UV protection. If you understand how labor intensive silkscreen printing is, you will think we're crazy for spending that much time, effort, and material to add extra life to our stickers. We are crazy... crazy for the best stickers on the planet. (Yes, that last sentence was a smooth use of the English language.)
Photo Realistic Printing.
Most silkscreen printers use 35-70 LPI (lines per inch). We have perfected the use of 140 LPI. The result is as close to photo realistic as you will find anywhere for silkscreen sticker printing.

Mark Englert Fringe Print "i've asked god for a sign of forgiveness" Release Details

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Mark Englert will be selling one of his most requested and popular prints today. Based on the show Fringe, "i've asked god for a sign of forgiveness" is 12 x 36 screen print that he did for Gallery1988. It's white ink screen printed on black french paper. He doesn't have all that many to sell and most of them are low-numbered ones from the run and a couple are low-numbered AP copies.

On sale today between 10-11am PDT at

Apply Yourself Breaking Bad Poster by Paul Flanders Released by Dark City Gallery

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'Apply Yourself' is the latest print by talented artist Paul Flanders, inspired by the hugely popular TV series Breaking Bad. This silkscreen limited edition print is priced at £40 and it is a 4 color hand printed silkscreen. Limited edition of 100 signed and numbered measuring 18 X 24 inches

On sale now from

Kim Cogan Surf Motel Print Release Details

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1xRUN are extremely excited to welcome in San Francisco artist Kim Cogan as he debuts with Surf Motel, a painting from his recent solo show Sea Change. Kim Cogan’s work has been featured in countless magazines and last year he was named one of American Artist’s 75 Greatest Artist Of All Time, and I would have to definitely agree.

"With this painting at first glance one notices the obvious, but upon a closer look beyond the color and glow of the lights, this painting conveys character and provokes a mood, an insight to a deeper thought or memory.

This painting was featured in my 2012 solo exhibition, Sea Change at Hespe Gallery in San Fransisco. The show focused & drew inspiration from the ocean & coastal surroundings, so the 'Surf Motel' fit harmoniously.

What sets this painting apart from some of my other work is the way that the light is portrayed and the luminous color, along with the bold brushstrokes, layering of paint, and the overall mood created."
- Kim Cogan

Surf Motel is a 18 x 15 Inches Archival Pigment Print on 300gsm Museum Bright White Fine Art Paper with a signed and numbered edition of 75

On sale today at NOON EDT at

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Phantom of the Opera Poster by Laurent Durieux from Dark Hall Mansion World Premier Exclusive

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Click to enlarge they are breath taking

Dark Hall Mansion,, unveils its second installment in the DHM-Seminal Film Series with nothing less than 1925's epic, "The Phantom of the Opera" starring the inimitable Lon Chaney and rendered strikingly by artist and collector favorite, Laurent Durieux.

Their limited edition "Phantom of the Opera" prints go on sale next Thursday, June 6th, 2013 at 10:30 AM PST in the DHM Store page here:

While some of their upcoming releases for the DHM-Seminal Film Series might surprise, indeed seem outright obscure, particularly as they're passionate silent film fanatics at DHM, there is no way we could present a unique and artistic take on cinematic history without properly, and we hope, beautifully, addressing some of the very cornerstones that shaped the course of film history to this very day.

The aim of Dark Hall Mansion's DHM-Seminal Film Series is the very bridging of cinema as art and art as cinema. To create beautiful prints for some of the most resonant American and international films, distilling film and imagery while beholden to no specific screening or advertising obligations. Our aim right from the onset was to honor the tradition of vintage film posters while simultaneously releasing our artists from its commercial constraints.

All DHM-Seminal Film Series prints are strictly limited, numbered, and beautifully screen printed.

Editions are as follows:
Standard "Phantom of the Opera" Edition: 24" x 36" (Edition of 200)
Variant "Phantom of the Opera" Edition: 24" x 36" (Edition of 100)

There will also be two very select "Phantom of the Opera" Wood Editions:
One with Standard artwork (Edition of 10), one with Variant artwork (Edition of 10).

*These special Wood editions will be released in conjunction with our friends at, the world's largest vintage film poster collector website,
and they will release their examples by lottery while DHM will offer its Wood
editions on our initial release date.

Standard "Phantom of the Opera" Edition: $65

Variant "Phantom of the Opera" Edition: $100

Select Wood "Phantom of the Opera" (Standard or Variant artwork): $250

All DHM-Seminal Film Series "Phantom of the Opera" Limited Editions go on sale next Thursday, June 6, 2013. They will be available on our dedicated Store page at 10:30 AM PST here:

Steam Cicada Print by Andrew Ghrist

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Click to enlarge and see all the detail

I like bugs and crawly things as long as they are outside or like my tarantulas in their cages. It's cicada time in parts of the USA right now as the 17 year chirping little devils comes out to play and get their freak on. While I'm not a real fan of them since cicadas are not all that interesting I did get real interested in this print when I saw it. Andrew Ghrist is the artist and wow did he do a killer job on his Steampunk Cicada print that is all hand drawn.

I asked Andrew how he came up with the idea:
 When i moved to the midwest (Chicago) i had never seen a cicada before, and was just fascinated by them and their shells. I  just ran with the idea that they stayed burrowed underground for years and they looked fairly mechanical.-Andrew

The regular full color one is a 7 layer screen print 12"x24" printed on 100lb Madero Beach French paper. With a signed and numbered edition of 85

He also has blue variant on 110lb Snow Cone French paper with an edition of 40

He has these and bunch of other very well done nature prints for sale in his Etsy Store HERE. Be sure to check out all his work.

A Boy and his Big Blue Box Rob Schwager Print Release

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Details from Rob Schwager on his terrific new print releasing this week through Tiny Bird Press:

When I was a kid, I used to run home from school to watch my favorite TV shows. One of them, was this British television program that ran on WTTW, (the PBS station in Chicago). It was a quirky science fiction show about a time traveller called the Doctor. He and his companions whisked around space and time in a blue phone booth looking thing called a Police Box.

The year was 1980. The show was called Doctor Who, and I, was hooked.

The Doctor at that time was played by an actor named Tom Baker, who wore a ridiculously long scarf. I decided I needed a long scarf too. I wrote a letter to some long forgotten address I obtained, and received a knitting pattern for the scarf. I somehow talked my grandmother into making one for me. It was awesome. Even though I was ridiculed mercilessly by my peers for wearing it, my love for the 4th Doctor and his adventures never diminished.

Well, it just so happens that 2013 is the 50th year anniversary of Doctor Who. It's the longest running science fiction television series in the world.

This is my homage to those days from my youth. Days that were filled with countless hours spent watching Doctor Who and pretending that I too, could travel in space and time.

“A Boy and his Big Blue Box” •Hand-printed serigraph by Rob Schwager
•19″ x 25″ on 100# French Speckletone paper
•Printed with water based non-toxic ink
•11 screens
•Signed and numbered edition of 130

The print will be released on Friday, May 31st at 8:00 PM EDT. at the Tiny Bird Press webstore.

There's No Place Like the Hood Print by Rene Gagon

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Rene Gagnon has released a good looking print titled There's No Place Like the Hood. MULTIPLE hand pulled silk screen colors with abundant hand finishes in between. Printed on 22 inch wide X 30 inch high 250gsm paper.
Signed, dated, numbered and embossed. Includes COA. His most complex print to date.

You better hurry if you want though, after the first 10 sell the price goes up $50. Buy it at


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The producers of Dexter are big fans of Squadts and the work Ferg does. You can see them in a couple of shots in season 6 and 7, one scene made me gasp when a character wiped out the entire shelf of them on display. Well now Ferg has teamed up with Brandt Peters once again to create possible the best figure yet. A little Texas Chainsaw Massacre add a little Squadt and you get Terror Boys OOZE no. 00.

OOZE no.00 includes: 2 sets of arms (classic and 2.1), Machete, Double-barrel sawed off shorty, and a removable hood and helmet. Edition of 225.

The release is set for Monday, JUNE 3, 12:00 noon central time.
Available at the squadt store>>

Ides #2 Print by Dan MacAdam of Crosshair

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Crosshair just put the latest Crosshair fine art print up on the site and in the store.  It's entitled Ides #2 and follows upon last year's Ides print. It's an 8-color silkscreen print and it's $50 in the shop:

Like the Forts and Cranes, this is going to become an open-ended series, albeit a much more restricted one as it will consist entirely of the same subject presented in different conditions and compositions. That bridge is just irresistible, and so it is becoming a series. Maybe Dan will do another shot of it each year, from different angles and in different conditions, and then in forty years the results will be compiled in a coffee table book. Who knows? But here it is, presented objectively without any superimposed narrative or mood music, no figures in silhouette staring meaningfully into the distance, no pop culture tie-ins: A huge, quiet monster of the industrial age, beckoning to you.

Tom Whalen, Kevin Tong, Laurent Durieux & Jesse Phillips Print Releases at Wizard World for Acid Free Gallery

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Soundwave by Laurent Durieux - $65.00
Limited Edition Licensed Screenprint
24x36 - 8 color screen print
Paper: Domtar Lynx Opaque 100lb
Run Size: 275
Markings: Numbered

Soundwave (variant colors) by Laurent Durieux - $80.00
Limited Edition Licensed Screenprint
24x36 - 8 color screen print with Metallic Inks
Paper: Domtar Lynx Opaque 100lb
Run Size: 84
Markings: Numbered

Dinobots by Kevin Tong - $65.00
Limited Edition Licensed Screenprint
36x24 - 7 color screen print with Metallic Inks
Paper: French Construction Cement 100lb
Run Size: 175
Markings: Numbered

Acid Free Gallery has brought together an all star group of artists with a bunch of new prints they are releasing at Wizard World Philadelphia, May 30-June 2, 2013. Look for them at booth 555! Acid Free Gallery will start selling all prints as soon as the floor opens on May 30th! Be sure to find them on the map . They will be rolling all prints in tissue and kraft paper so be sure to bring your favorite tube for added protection.

Come meet Tom Whalen on Friday at 1:00-3:00pm at our Booth 555! He will be signing his new print - Voltron!

 Also they will be releasing any remaining prints online soon after Wizard World! Stay tuned for details!

Voltron by Tom Whalen - $50.00
Limited Edition Licensed Screenprint
18x24 - 7 color screen print
Paper: Neenah Antique Gray 100lb
Run Size: 300
Markings: Numbered

Voltron (variant colors) by Tom Whalen - $65.00
Limited Edition Licensed Screenprint
18x24 - 7 color screen print with Metallic Inks
Paper: Cougar Natural 100lb
Run Size: 100
Markings: Signed and Numbered

Starscream by Jesse Philips - $50.00
Limited Edition Licensed Screenprint
18x24 - 5 color screen print
Paper: Domtar Lynx Opaque 100lb
Run Size: 100
Markings: Numbered

Starscream (variant colors) by Jesse Philips - $60.00
Limited Edition Licensed Screenprint
18x24 - 5 color screen print
Paper: Domtar Lynx Opaque 100lb
Run Size: 55
Markings: Numbered

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Queens of the Stone Age Emek Wiltern Poster Release Details

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For sale this Thursday May 30 is Emek's poster for the triumphant return of QOTSA Queens of the Stone Age to Los Angeles at the Wiltern Theater.
They are being summoned out of the desert. Their new (sixth!) album is called Like Clockwork. So I dreamt about a stone age clock.. a sundial... starting with that sundial concept, it morphed into worshiping a stone age Queen. Since the band is called the plural QueenS, I made it 2 queens. A little shaman dude turns his bull skull into the double deities above him... in the desert landscape that the band is so familiar with.-Emek

The poster is a 6 color silkscreen, 19" x 29.5" Artist edition of 100 on pearl paper. Signed, numbered, embossed, and doodled

When the sale is complete he will replace the BUY BUTTONS with SOLD-OUT

Please visit his Webstore at
*click on the NEW RELEASE image to open the sale page

The BUY NOW buttons will appear sometime between
12:00 noon - 12:30pm PDT on Thursday May 30, 2013

The Silence of the Lambs Posters by Cesar Moreno & Movie Inspired Wine From Mondo

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Movie, posters and wine all this from Mondo what more could you want. Alamo Drafthouse is delighted to announce the launch of its second limited edition signature wine, inspired by Jonathan Demme’s 1991 Oscar-sweeping thriller, THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. After the success of last year’s THE PRINCESS BRIDE-inspired “The Bottle Of Wits,” the Alamo is now making an oenophilic nod to noted gourmand, wine connoisseur and psychopath Hannibal Lecter for this year’s “The Cannibal Chianti,” and one to elusive lotion enthusiast Buffalo Bill for the “Suit Yourself Pinot Grigio.” Both wines will be available at all Alamo Drafthouse locations and online HERE starting today.

With the wine we also get a couple of new The Silence of the Lambs posters by  Cesar Moreno. The first poster is Precious and it is 24 x 36 with an edition of 150

The second poster with Buffalo Bill in the design of the Deaths Head Moths wings in 24 x 36 also with an edition of 110. While I like the look of the poster, not sure I want the image of a dude tucking his junk between his legs on my wall.

Both posters go on sale Thursday May 30 at a random time at

Primus Eugene Oregon Poster by Justin Hampton Exclusive Release Details Plus a Hawken Print

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Justin Hampton is letting his kitty out to play this week. He did the poster for the recent Primus show in Eugene Oregon. The poster is a seven color print measuring 18"x24" on 100 lb white cougar paper in a signed and numbered limited edition of only 200 copies. 100 of the edition were available at the actual concert and sold out before the band even started playing. Only a very limited amount will be available today so don't hesitate to grab one before they're gone!

On Sale today Thursday, May 30 at Noon PDT

Hold on now we got a variant as well, a very shiny one at that. Don't overlook the PRIMUS holographic foil variant. A seven color print measuring 18"x24" on 100 lb holographic rainbow foil paper in a signed and numbered limited edition of only 30 copies.
'Bombs Away!' Hawken print

This print is Justin's interpretation of a Hawken mech(from the video game 'Hawken') as a World War II American force Mech reimagined in an alternate reality assisting in the strike on D-Day at Normandy, France on June 6th, 1944. 'Bombs Away' is a full color giclee print on 100 lb archival cotton rag paper measuring 20"x26" in a very limited edition of only 30 copies. There are only a handful of copies remaining from his Emerald City Comic Con appearance in Seattle from earlier this year. Act quickly if you'd like to own one!

These all go on sale Thursday May 30 at NOON PDT at

Universal Personhood Shepard Fairey Print Release Details

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When I first saw this new print by Shepard Fairey titled Universal Personhood I will be honest I had no idea how the title tied into the image. With a little help from Wikipedia I have a better grasp on the print. Personhood is the status of being a person. Defining personhood is a controversial topic in philosophy and law, and is closely tied to legal and political concepts of citizenship, equality, and liberty. According to law, only a natural person or legal personality has rights, protections, privileges, responsibilities, and legal liability.

Personhood continues to be a topic of international debate, and has been questioned during the abolition of slavery and the fight for women's rights, in debates about abortion, fetal rights and reproductive rights, in animal rights activism, as well as in debates about corporate personhood.

Processes through which personhood is recognized vary cross-culturally, demonstrating that notions of personhood are not universal.

Universal Personhood is 18 x 24 inches with a signed and numbered edition of 450. On sale at a random time Tuesday June 4 at

Scribe Wandered Off The Path Of The Resound Fields Print On Sale Today

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"This piece contains my signature character Rumpus, who is sort of a self portrait. It was finished in January of 2013, and was made using acrylics and spray paint on wood panel. This painting is a part of a larger group of work, murals and toys all related to the Resounds Fields. The Resounds Fields is a large place on a floating island of my characters that looks a lot like the Flint Hills in Kansas with tall wild grass." - Scribe 

On sale today at NOON EDT at

The Thing Movie Poster by Randy Oritz Release

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Randy Ortiz will be releasing his Artist Proof copies of his badass The Thing movie poster today Wednesday around 12pm central time.
The poster is 24x36" Edition of 44, $90, signed and numbered by Randy.

 Buy it at

Laurent Durieux US TO EUROPE BY AIR Poster & Drawing Raffle

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John Davis of Poster Mountain and Laurent Durieux have gotten together to help Sophia Bijou Valdez the daughter of the owner of Lastleaf Printing. She was diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). She is only 3 years old.

 Here is the post on Facebook by John:

I have an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT so please listen close!!
Laurent Durieux would like to raffle off one of his remarqued, embossed and signed AP variants of US TO EUROPE BY AIR, along with the original concept sketch with 100% of the proceeds going to Lastleaf Printing's little girl Sophia Bijou Valdez.

Tickets will be $10 each paypal to me at You may purchase as many tickets as you wish. Each ticket purchased will be assigned a number on a publicly viewable spreadsheet But only I will be able to update it which I will do frequently. This raffle will run until Saturday, June 15th and will be promoted publicly in all the poster groups. At the end of the raffle one of Laurents children will draw the winning number on video which will be posted in the groups.

Melvins Columbus Poster by Anonymous Ink and Idea

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The Melvins have a poster history that only rivals bands like Pearl Jam and Dave Matthews Band. But I don't know anyone that actual has one of the their posters. They always get a great line-up of artists and for their 30 Anniversary Tour it's been no different. Anonymous Ink and Idea did the poster for the show last night in Columbus. It is 18 x 24 inches with 3 colors and a signed and numbered edition of 100.

Buy it HERE