Thursday, May 16, 2013

Primus Alan Hynes Boise Poster Release Details

Everyone's favorite weirdo’s Primus are back on the road again for a set of Spring dates. Alan Hynes is just one of the talented artists doing posters for this tour. He did the poster for last Saturday nights show in Boise Idaho. 

Amongst the many types of paper rubbish I find myself hoarding with obsessive fascination are fruit labels and price tags, pretty much any small sticker i am able to reasonably remove from something. They get stuck to a sheet of paper hanging on the fridge and as the page fills up, I always see them as some ridiculous ‘banana republic’ homemade version of the military badges on a generals uniform. I’ve wanted to make this image for a while and when I was given the opportunity to make another poster for Primus, I couldn’t have thought of a more suitable name to stick on this fella’s name tag. Fittingly, I was also lucky enough to get the date at a venue called “Revolution”. Alan Hynes

Alan's poster for the May 12th date at Revolution Center in Garden City is a six colour screenprint at 18″ x 25″ and is an edition of 200 signed and numbered. Handprinted at Bloom Press in Oakland CA.

Remaining copies will be available for sale Thursday May 16th at 9 AM PDT in his shop. There is a variant of 30 with hand applied sticker as well that will be for sale at this time.

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