Sunday, May 26, 2013

Video of Malleus Printing & Designing the Mudhoney Berlin Poster

Details from Malleus about the new video they released on the printing of tonight's Mudhoney poster for Berlin:

Silkscreening is a mistery.
Lots of people look at our prints asking why they should have a value.
Why they’re special.
What’s behind them.
And why we’re always tired.
And especially… why we’re so muscular and strong…
There’s a reason and an answer for every question.
But talking about things is very difficult and sometimes boring.
So we decided it was time to film the complete (or at least the almost complete) working that there’s around a poster.
And we choose the last one we’ve realized, the print for the gig of Mudhoney in Berlin tonight.
This is the result, hope You’ll enjoy both the video and audio (the song is Leequame from Zolle,  last band in our small Supernatural Cat label)!!!

 And don’t forget the Mudhoney posters (regular and variant editions) will be on sale tomorrow on our webstore!!!

 Watch the video

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