Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tonight's Soundgarden Poster from Dallas by Dumbgun & Release Details

After putting on an incredible show last night in Austin according to Todd Slater and Billy Perkins Soundgarden blow into Dallas tonight. One of the cool things about the posters from this tour is they are having a bunch of new artists or not the usual ones do the posters. I like seeing a good variety of talent do the posters for tours. Tonight is no different, some of you might not have heard of or remember Dumbgun. But since 2003 they’ve been wielding their own brand of design justice, ranging from t-shirts, posters, illustrations and logos.

I asked Derek from Dumbgun their idea behind the design:

 As far as the idea for the poster it was definitely inspired by the album title "King Animal" and more specifically the song "Crooked Steps". I love the energy and unease of that song's rhythm and thinking of steps I just started thinking about uneven terrain, which got me thinking about the wilderness. To keep with the animal motif I focused on making a wolf/mountain with a crown made of rocks. In the concept pitch we described it as "smokey like it was dusk in some prehistoric or unknown wilderness". - Dumbgun

The poster is 18x24 and with an edition of 150. Now if you want one of these posters shoot them an email to buy one info )at( , replace the )at( with @. I did that so they would not get a bunch of spam email

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