Monday, May 20, 2013

Flaming Lips London Posters by Adam Pobiak WORLD PREMIER EXCLUSIVE

Tonight's Poster May 20

Tomorrow night May 21 poster

The Flaming Lips and Wayne Coyne are in London at The Roundhouse for two insane nights starting tonight and they had London artist Adam Pobiak once again do posters for their shows. He did a poster for each night and they will melt your eyes.

The Flaming Lips new album is called the Terror so Adam couldn't resist the Hitchcock/Psycho theme. Hitchcock's studio is actually just down the road from Adam's apartment, and a friend of his even lives in the building now!

Anyway here are the details (the same for both prints)

5 color layers:
Teal, Yellow, Red to hot-pink blend, Metallic Copper and a Black to brown Blend

Printed on 270gsm white Colorset paper
A2 size (420 x 594mm or 16.5 x 23.4in)
Each version is an edition of 100, Signed and numbered

They will up in his shop Tuesday May 21 at 10am GMT
Adam will be taking orders for them but then he is headed to Barcelona for Flatstock on Wednesday so unfortunately he can only ship orders when he returns from Barcelona June 1 so don't bitch at him for slow shipping

They will be £25 individually but £40 for the set (matching numbers)

Buy them HERE

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