Thursday, May 30, 2013

Steam Cicada Print by Andrew Ghrist

Click to enlarge and see all the detail

I like bugs and crawly things as long as they are outside or like my tarantulas in their cages. It's cicada time in parts of the USA right now as the 17 year chirping little devils comes out to play and get their freak on. While I'm not a real fan of them since cicadas are not all that interesting I did get real interested in this print when I saw it. Andrew Ghrist is the artist and wow did he do a killer job on his Steampunk Cicada print that is all hand drawn.

I asked Andrew how he came up with the idea:
 When i moved to the midwest (Chicago) i had never seen a cicada before, and was just fascinated by them and their shells. I  just ran with the idea that they stayed burrowed underground for years and they looked fairly mechanical.-Andrew

The regular full color one is a 7 layer screen print 12"x24" printed on 100lb Madero Beach French paper. With a signed and numbered edition of 85

He also has blue variant on 110lb Snow Cone French paper with an edition of 40

He has these and bunch of other very well done nature prints for sale in his Etsy Store HERE. Be sure to check out all his work.

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