Friday, May 24, 2013

Rick Kelly Primus, Son of Frankenstein & Hard Eight Poster Release Details

Rich Kelly recently completed two extremely fun jobs for Mondo, the first being a poster for Paul Thomas Anderson's crime noir film, Hard Eight. The esteemed Aaron Horkey curated a series of posters for each of PTA's films. Also available will be a variant featuring Anderson's original title for the film, Sydney.

Next up is a Universal Monster classic, Son of Frankenstein. This 1939 film is chock full of chilling performances and almost German Expressionist shadows and sets, allowing Rich some pretty great source material to work with. Also included are two variants, both with glow in the dark inks.

Last, but not least, Rich will have a poster for Primus. Completed for their recent show in Pomona, CA, Rich had a ton of fun with this one, improvising the composition and letting it build and build.

The posters will be available Friday, May 24, 2013 at 11:00am EST. Details are as follows:

Hard Eight: S&N AP edition of 34, $50
Sydney: S&N AP edition of 18, $75
Son of Frankenstein: S&N AP edition of 30, $50
Son of Frankenstein, Kraft variant: S&N AP edition of 18, $80
Son of Frankenstein, Green variant: S&N AP edition of 10, $100
Primus: Numbered edition of 200, 50 signed copies available, $40

Head on over to the store for more specs.

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