Thursday, May 16, 2013

Soundgarden Frank Kozik West Long Branch Poster

Usually when I get an email from Frank Kozik I get excited because it's a chance to see his newest piece of work. That excitement turned to disappoint today upon reading about the problem he encountered with the production of his Soundgarden poster for the show Tuesday night in West Long Branch New Jersey. While the poster is really great the execution on producing it was not. Just so you know the poster is 22.5 x 35 inches.

I did this design for the Soundgarden show at The Mac in New Jersey for May 14th 2013. it was a commissioned design, and was supposed to be a silkscreen on quality heavy stock. However, due to some mix up at print time, it was produced as a digital output print on very thin stock and sold at the venue. Please note that the final posters are NOT the print type or quality originally promised, and these where NOT produced by me. If you are expecting the normal level of silkscreen and quality that my other posters have, be aware that this does not reflect that.

I myself will NOT be selling this poster in this format. There is a possibility that I will be able to offer this poster as a high quality signed and numbered silkscreen in the near future.

In the meantime, please be aware that these are NOT what I envisioned, they are NOT signed or numbered and I do not know how many where produced or sold at the venue.

So be aware if you buy this poster from the Merch company or on is NOT a silkscreen. -
Frank Kozik

 That my readers is what sometimes happens in the concert poster business.

My advice would be to let Frank know you want this poster by dropping a comment on his Facebook page HERE

Tell Frank Kozik on Twitter HERE that you want the poster as well

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  1. That really sucks because this is a seriously badass poster!