Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ides #2 Print by Dan MacAdam of Crosshair

Crosshair just put the latest Crosshair fine art print up on the site and in the store.  It's entitled Ides #2 and follows upon last year's Ides print. It's an 8-color silkscreen print and it's $50 in the shop:

Like the Forts and Cranes, this is going to become an open-ended series, albeit a much more restricted one as it will consist entirely of the same subject presented in different conditions and compositions. That bridge is just irresistible, and so it is becoming a series. Maybe Dan will do another shot of it each year, from different angles and in different conditions, and then in forty years the results will be compiled in a coffee table book. Who knows? But here it is, presented objectively without any superimposed narrative or mood music, no figures in silhouette staring meaningfully into the distance, no pop culture tie-ins: A huge, quiet monster of the industrial age, beckoning to you.

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