Monday, May 20, 2013

Winner of the Hydro74 Primus poster

Another crazy day of weather in mid-west. As if Oklahoma and Kansas did not have a bad enough winter now they get hit with tornadoes today. Just wanted to say hope everyone is safe in the mid-west, be safe Monday sounds like it's not done yet.

Well we have a winner for the Hydro74 Primus poster and by request of Hydro74 the winning comment was ...... #74. Yeah yeah but I could not say that before the giveaway. The winner is Paul with comment 74. Paul email me your address and Hydro74 will be shipping you your poster.

THANK YOU again to Hydro74 for the giveaway and don't forget even though you did not win you can still get this poster on his website along with some of the most insane custom handmade fonts you will ever see, so go check out his work at

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