Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Malleus Mudhoney Berlin Poster Release Details

Regular Edition


Mudhoney is touring Europe right now and a lot of great poster are being done for them and none better than Malleus. They are doing the poster for the show in Berlin on the 26th of May.

The regular version, limited to 119 pieces and printed in 4 colors on cream paper.
They’ve used metallic colors (a lot of them: copper red, iridescent pink and gold) and black ink.

 The variant version, limited to 30 copies. It is printed on a kraft white paper.
It’s a glittered one, very very nice. The variant is just 2 colors, a red and a silver metallic ink, no date on it.

The posters will be on sale on the Malleus website right after the show on the May 27th. If you're in Europe you’ll have the opportunity to buy one at the show too, of course.

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