Friday, October 31, 2014

Neal Williams Black Keys Portland Poster Release Details & Variant Reveal

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I was beyond stoked to see Neal Williams had done his first poster for The Black Keys, great to see his work is getting recognized and seen by larger and larger audiences.

It wasn't until I got the email from him did I see the variant he did as well and now you get to see it first.

Here are the details on the posters MEEEOOOOWWW !!

The Black Keys (main blue)
18 x 24 - edition of 215, Six colors on 100 lb Cougar natural

The Black Keys (variant yellow)
18 x 24 - edition of 30 Six colors on 100 lb French Madero Beach
Neil will be putting them up for sale on Tuesday November 4th at 10AM PST on his website . So after you vote buy some posters. 

Happy Halloween !!!

Miles Tsang Avett Brothers Asheville Posters

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Digital Image

Digital Image

Miles Tsang has really raised the bar for posters with the two he did for the Avett Brothers shows in Asheville this weekend. They'll have special posters available on both Oct. 31st and Nov. 1st. Both posters are designed and illustrated by Miles Tsang, concept by Scott Avett. The Halloween night design (Oct. 31st) is printed on clear plastic - certain areas were left with no ink so you can see through the poster. Nov. 1st's poster is printed on silver metallic paper. When you overlay the first night's print onto the second night's print, you can see the metallic images. A limited edition of 150 of each print will be available at the merch table on its specific night. All prints will be $50.

Miles talks about the posters and process:
Recently completed my first gigposter job ever (in the 5 years since starting) where I didn't do the printing (also, this is a digital-flatbed-printed giclee with raised ink). Double-nighter for The Avett Brothers! The cOztume-transparency-variant concept was all Scott Avett's, so it was a big honor to be trusted with bringing that experimental idea to life. On sale in a couple of weeks. I need a break.

Beyond the Pale Mystery Tube Sale

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Beyond The Pale Posters are having an Australian Spring Archive Cleaning Sale.

Mystery Tube spring sale! 9 posters for $ 85.00 USD

NINE posters all mint condition. The selection includes work by Ken Taylor. Rhys cooper. Vance Kelly. Justin Santora. Joshua Budich. Hydro74 & many more.

The range of posters on offer is far greater than the images shown here.

They are also offering hugely discounted shipping: To USA add $ 15. Europe $ 19.

Go now to and join the Mystery 

James Eads The Skully Mambo Print Release

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James Eads is releasing a Halloween/day of the dead themed print. It's a timed release and will only be available until 7PM Sunday.

"The Skully Mambo" is a 16" x 20" limited edition hand signed and numbered high quality archival giclee print. The print will only be available between October 30th, 7PM Pacific Standard Time and Sunday, November 2nd at 7PM PST. After the window closes the amount of prints sold will determine the edition size. Prints are available for $31 at

Rich Kelly Time Bandits & Phish Posters Release

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Rich Kelly recently made a poster for Phish's Eugene stop on their current fall tour which was the first date. The poster is 18" x 24" Five color screen print. Signed & Numbered edition of 750.

Rich also made a poster for the Terry Gilliam classic, Time Bandits, a couple years ago. Mondo recently released it at MondoCon with additional copies selling out online a couple days later. He'll have AP editions of both the regular and the variant. Regular. 24" x 36". Five color screen print. Signed and Numbered AP edition of 45
Variant. 24" x 36". Five color screen print. Signed and Numbered AP edition of 30

All these posters will go on sale Friday, October 31, 2014 at 3:00 pm EDT. in Rich Kelly's store

Jermaine Rogers Choices 'Phantom' Edition Figure Release

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Jermaine Rogers CHOICES 'Phantom' Clear Edition -(Limited Edition of only 100 figures)

In this season of things that go bump in the night & unseen things that creep in the shadows, is proud to finally release the rare 'Phantom' edition of the CHOICES vinyl figure! This version of the 8” knife-wielding bunny strikes a stealthy pose in CRYSTAL CLEAR vinyl (except for those beady red eyes)! Our little friend must make an important choice…and he holds the instrument to carry out his decision. What bunny's choice is and what the implications of his decision will be is for you to decide. Only 100 of these clear versions exist!

The CHOICES vinyl figure has been a hit worldwide since it's debut at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, where both the SDCC exclusive variant & the preview editions of the figure sold out. We were thrilled when CHOICES topped several critics' lists as the best 'designer vinyl' release at the show. Jermaine Rogers is pleased to make this anticipated colorway of his latest vinyl creation available.

The CHOICES 'Phantom Edition' is extremely limited to only 100 pieces worldwide. - 75.00

Note: 10 random boxes will include a special 'art-ticket', which can be redeemed for an exclusive limited-edition 'Family' art print by Jermaine Rogers, measuring approx. 25x20 inches & screen printed on holographic SPARKLE FOIL stock. The print is from a signed and numbered edition of only 10 pieces. Good luck!

The CHOICES 'Phantom' Edition will be released on Halloween day: FRIDAY, OCT. 31st, 2014 at: 3:00 PM EASTERN (12 NOON PACIFIC) on the 'BUY' page

Jay Ryan Metropolis Coffee & Beginning of the End Prints

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Jay Ryan has three new prints for his friends at METROPOLIS COFFEE, based on the concept that "Great Coffee is for Everyone".  Each poster is 18 x 24 inches. Five screens on French stock. Signed and numbered edition of 250.

Jay has a new Workshop print, "Beginning of the End". Jay made this on Saturday October 11 with guest printers at the Bird Machine. This print is 18 x 24 inches. Four screens on French Muscletone stock. Signed and numbered edition of 95.

Buy them at

Pet Sematary Poster by Mike Saputo Mondo Release

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This Halloween Mondo is celebrating two horror cult classics, PET SEMATARY and THE OMEN. In addition to the killer PET SEMATARY poster by Mike Saputo, they'll also be releasing the soundtrack on 2XLP vinyl with the same artwork, pressed on 180 Gram black vinyl with randomly inserted Translucent Green / Blue vinyl with Black Haze. The poster is 36"x24" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 250.

On sale at random time Friday at

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nicolas Delort Where the Wild Things Are Poster Artist Proof Release

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Nicolas Delort's Artist's Proof posters of the Where the Wild Things Are he did for Mondo are going on sale today. The prints are signed and numbered out of 35 and each poster has a little golden crown added by hand on top Max's head.
The title is also hatched in with black pigment pen so it blends in the background better.
Screen-print signed, numbered and hand-embellished by Nicolas Delort
Limited Edition of only 35 copies
Price: 70€
Size: 18 x 24
They will be available today October 30th at 6pm Paris time (GMT+1) which is 1pm EDT through French Paper Art Club.
Follow the link below:

Due to website issues the sale will be rescheduled and I will let you know when

On sale now at the link above

Black Keys Winnipeg, Manitoba Poster by Doe Eyed Design

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Today seems like Black Keys day with another good looking poster for the group and their Canadian tour. Eric of Doe Eyed Design did this poster for the concert in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The poster is a signed and numbered edition of 180. Six color screen print. There is also an art print version with an edition of 30.

On sale Friday in the Doe Eyed Design shop at 10 AM CDT

Black Keys Edmonton Poster by Gregg Gordon of Gigart

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The Black Keys are plowing through Canada and for the Edmonton show Gregg Gordon of Gigart did the poster. The poster is 18x24 inch / 4 color silk screen / Signed edition of 225 posters.

I asked Gregg about the design:
I had been listening to The Black Keys a lot while I was sketching and started putting this together before I even had the gig.
I really just grabbed imagery quick from lyrics of theirs songs as I heard them. When the song Fever starts, it says Where'd you run to? It put an image of a horse running through a field for some reason in my head. Lately I have been combining animal images with human skeletons and skulls…I put one for each band member inside the horse. Then there is a new song on the Turn Blue album called, Bullet In The Brain, which made me think to have a burst of detailed confusion coming out of one of the skulls. Again it is a style of illustration I have been enjoying where I continually draw shapes and designs that organically interweave and get a bit hectic. In this big mess of doodles, I put images I think of from listening to The Black Keys, from a Broken Heart, Guitar, Rooster, Crashed Car, Beer Can, Dice, even the iconic drum of Patrick Carney…and last I wanted the colors to really pop and almost go with their latest color scheme. Overall, I think it came together great. Had a lot of fun with this one.

Gregg will have his artists copies available Thursday, October 30th between 10a-12noon pacific time. Available in his Store at:

Andrew Ghrist Ocelot Print Release Details

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Wednesday was national Cat Day but Andrew Ghrist is releasing his new art print this Friday for Halloween at 12 CST. The "Ocelot" is a 12"x24" 6 layer screen print on French steel grey paper with a signed and numbered edition of 50

I asked Andrew about the idea for the print:
 i wanted to do a simple narrative without the loaded information of any outside influence or property.

The narrative of "Ocelot" is in response to the mass of heron imagery in the work of the nature illustrator community and was originally going to be named "Death of a Heron". I also liked experimenting with the duality between then cute pet like characteristics and the fierce wild animal aspects of an Ocelot.
 On sale Friday in his Etsy Shop

Mia Araujo Sante Muerte Print Release

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Mia Araujo has a stunning new print release Thursday with 1xRUN. The print is titled Sante Muerte and will be sold as a regular edition or as hand embellished.

"I have long been fascinated by stories and characters, and the multi-faceted complexity that makes each person unique. I believe that all individuals contain the entire universe within them, which is invisible to the naked eye. My work concentrates on giving shape to the unseen forces within my subjects-- their thoughts, memories, emotions, and complex histories. These qualities fit together to form a vast, rich inner-landscape of identity and mythology for my characters.

For this painting I wanted the main figure to be a combination of the Aztec death goddess: Mictecacihuatl, the Virgin Mary, and the iconic image of a bride that marries death, to form this image of Santa Muerte. My favorite setting for day of the dead celebrations is a graveyard at night that is covered with flowers and candles." - Mia Araujo

On sale Thursday at NOON EDT at

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jeff Soto Phish Inglewood Poster Artist Edition Release Details

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Jeff Soto will be selling his recent Phish poster today from the show in Inglewood California earlier this week. The poster is a 5 color screen print on 18″ x 24″ Cream Speckletone paper for Phish’s October 24th show at The Forum. Only 50 signed and numbered posters by Jeff will be available for purchase.

For sale at 12pm noon PST today (October 29th)

Nychos Pearl Jam Denver Poster Artist Edition On Sale

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Nychos has put his first ever rock poster that showcases his distinctive dissection style of art for the Pearl Jam show in Denver last week up for sale. The poster measures 12 x 36 inches and it is a 6 color screen print with a signed and numbered edition of 100.

Buy it at

Shepard Fairey & Ernesto Yerena Power & Glory Day of the Dead Skull Prints Release

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Shepard Fairey & Ernesto Yerena have collaborated on two new prints titled Power & Glory Day of the Dead Skull for the first time in 6 years.

The red edition print is an 18 x 24 inch screen print on Speckletone paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey and Ernesto Yerena. Numbered edition of 450.

Release date: Friday October 31, 2014 at 10am (PST) in PRINTS.

The Gold edition is a 18 x 24 inch screen print. Gold ink on black paper.  Signed by Shepard Fairey and Ernesto Yerena. Numbered edition of 450. 

Release date:  Friday October 31, 2014 at 10am (PST) at

The Power & Glory Day of the Dead Skull is my second collaboration with Ernesto Yerena on a Day of theDead skull. Our first skull was more of a general homage to the Dia De Los Muertos style, but this one is more topical. If the idea of the Day of the Dead is to remember those souls who occupied the earth before us, then I can’t help but think about how those who come after us will remember us. Were we good stewards of the earth and the legacy of humanity? Ernesto and I have similar political views on war, greed, human rights, corruption, and the destruction of the planet, so we decided to make this skull about those subjects. I did a show exploring the dark sides\ of Power & Glory and this skull image is another cautionary call for us to think about our values and the legacy we will be remembered for.

The first time that Shep and myself collaborated on a skull was in 2008 and since then I have created my own versions of skulls once a year. Each skull I have chosen a certain theme to go off of using the Iconic Dia De Los Muertos style but also using it as a platform to make a specific statement or just to celebrate culture or history. For this collaboration Shep and myself went back and forth and we chose the theme to incorporate the downfalls of living within a country that has taken the course of a Empire. In a way this piece serves as a time capsule in order for us to never what our government was doing a the moment. thanks-e

Sarah Joncas Bleach Print

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1xRUN has a new print from Sarah Joncas titled Bleach that is on sale now and has the perfect creepy factor to it.

 "This painting was inspired by the movie 'The Cell', much underrated by my perspective. I've always loved a good psychological thriller, but this one had such great visuals and cinematography!

Since this was almost a piece of fan art, it was mainly about exploring that eerie feeling and atmosphere of the film. Overall what I most loved about making the work was the contrast between the milky water and her textured, dappled skin. I do indulge in a creepy piece of art here and there, but I feel I really pushed myself with the realism and quality of this work. It's very simple too, not a lot to the composition, but it has a great punch to it." - Sarah Joncas

 On sale now at

Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Dan Mumford Are You a God? Poster Release

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Dan Mumford himself has new prints going on sale this Thursday. He will have some AP’s produced for the official Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary. These were part of the traveling anniversary show through Gallery 1988 originally earlier in the year.

The print titled ‘Are You A God’ comes as a regular and a variant, both prints are 5 color screen prints on 270gsm paper, sized 18“ x 24” inches. The AP edition is 100 of the regular and only 10 of the Variant. Regular print is priced at £40 GBP and the variant is £60 GBP. All prints are signed stamped and numbered,

Both prints will be on sale on Thursday the 30th at 5pm in the UK, GMT / 1pm EDT time. 

The prints will be available from Dan's online store -

Dan Mumford Predator Print Release Details From Dark Ink

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Dark Ink Art is releasing a shall I say killer print from Dan Mumford this week, Predator. Yes yes that Predator from the original Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

The regular edition is an edition of 250 silk screen prints with silver metallic inks measuring 12' x 24". Each print has the artist's authorized signature.

Now the variant will be the same size but an edition of only 50 that will signed and numbered.

Both prints will be available beginning Friday, Oct. 31st around 10:30am PDT at

Squadt Playge Doctor S0004 Grackle Figure

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Ferg has another insane Squadt set for this week. The release is set for HALLOWEEN DAY, OCT 31 - 12:00 noon central time. >

PLAYGE DOCTOR [GRACKLE] 6" vinyl, fur and ABS - Includes: clear grey lenses, fur topped cape, 2.1 and classic arms, jeweled clear grey sword-cane, clear grey katana and removable helmet. Edition of 200. $95 Includes worldwide shipping.

Andrew Lockhart Headless Biker Print

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I say it every year this time of season always brings out some of the most creative work. Andrew Lockhart just released his new Headless Biker print from this year's Portland Art Crank bike art show in Portland.

It's an 18" x 24" 3 color print, signed and numbered edition of 40

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Erica Williams Black Keys Minneapolis Poster & Surly Brewery Print Release Details

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Very cool to see another Black Keys poster from Erica Williams along with a couple of prints she did for Surly Brewery in Minneapolis.

The Black Keys at Target Center
5 colors Edition of 215

Surly Darkness AP
2 colors, edition of 15
(This is the red one)

Surly Darkness Variant AP
2 colors, edition of 15
(this is the teal one)
All of these will go on sale at a random time on Tuesday October 28 over at

Tim Doyle Skrillex Tour-Posters & Car Crash City Print

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Car Crash City print and Skrillex poster from Tim Doyle!

Available NOW HERE in the Tim Doyle section of the Nakatomi Store.

Artist Tim Doyle was commissioned to produce posters for 3 consecutive nights for Skrillex’ current tour- and so he went with 3 separate interlocking images that make up one giant orgy of destruction.

Each of these prints were cut down into 3 separate 12×24 prints- in editions of 50 each, that were all given away randomly to attendees at the actual show. In order to get a full set, you had to actually go to all three shows!

Now, here for the first (and only) time, you can pick up uncut sheets of the Skrillex print, or if Skrillex isn’t your thing, a text-less art print (pictured at the top!)

Each of these prints are 24×36 hand-printed 5 color silkscreen prints on 100 lb cougar art paper. The Skrillex uncut sheets are on white, and the ‘Car Crash City’ art print is on Natural.

The Skrillex uncut sheets are in a super-small edition of 25 world wide, and can never be reprinted- $40 ea.

The “Car Crash City” art print is in a first edition of 120- $50 ea.

Tristan Eaton Show Me Print Release & Changing the Subject Solo Art Show in Hong Kong

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Mural in the Gallery

Tristan Eaton has been murdering walls in North America and Europe this year and now he is poised to take over Asia with his first major solo exhibition. With the show comes a new print release as well titled Show Me.

Above Second located in Hong Kong is excited to release a new print by Tristan Eaton in conjunction with his solo exhibition "Changing the Subject" opening October 30th, 2014. The print is available in two editions (one of which is hand-embellished). The prints are hand-signed and numbered by the artist and come with a special tote bag commemorating the exhibition.

"Show Me"
Edition 1 - 20 16" x 20" inches
Hand-embellished Giclée print on 300 gsm archival cotton rag
HKD$ 3000 / $390 USD

"Show Me"
Edition 1 - 70 16" x 20" inches
Giclée print on 300 gsm archival cotton rag
HKD$ 1800 / $235 USD

Contact to reserve!

Above Second is proud to present: ‘Changing the Subject’ Original works by Tristan Eaton (USA)

Opening Reception:
Thursday October 30th, 2014 from 7:00 – 10:00 PM
Exhibition dates: October 30 – November 22, 2014
Location: 9 First St, Ground Floor, Sai Ying Pun, HK

The subject of this new body of work is dedicated to the precious yet fading memories associated with human connections. Human behavior, mistakes, glory and failure are all as inspiring to him as the human figure itself. In painting his subjects, Eaton sets out to portray them not literally, but to conjure all the ephemera and visual noise that’s associated with them in memory. Very often when you think of an old friend or a new love, you don’t only see their face, you see a channel surfing montage of everything associated with them. This mental collage of emotions, memories and images is what he stitches together in his portraits.

All works are a mixed media on cradled wood panels. Each painting features hand painted figurative elements, with additional details executed with spray paint and stencil, silk-screen, collage, pencil and brush work. Every color is sprayed one at a time – a very intensive process – then hand drawn and painted, silk-screened and collaged.