Monday, October 27, 2014

Joey Salamon Matisyahu Tempe Arizona Poster

Got an email from an artist I was not aware of by the name of Joey Salamon regarding his poster for Matisyahu show in Tempe, Arizona Monday. Joey has a crazy wild style that will melt your eyeballs in good way. He has done gigposters for other bands and lots of art with other mediums.

I asked Joey about this poster:
"The poster is for Matisyahu at his Tempe, AZ show on October 27th (two colors / edition of 50 / $25). Like many of my other pieces of art I started drawing this design without any concept whatsoever. It started as groupings of plants at the base of the composition then it just grew and transformed into this psychedelic ancient-alienesque landscape."

All unsold posters will be available after the show in his shop on his website - Check out his work it's really cool.

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