Friday, October 17, 2014

Galerie F IS FOR - A Children's Printmaking and Street Art Alphabet Exhibition

A Children's Street Art and Printmaking Alphabet
Opening reception Friday October 17th 6p-10p
Online sales at Galerie F Monday October 20th around 2PM CST
Details -
A is for ASTRONOMY, Z is for ZIPPER. Join Galerie F for their first exhibition combining the worlds of printmaking and street art. Two sides of the same coin on display for alphabetology amusement and phonetic fun.

Galerie F had twenty six printmakers and twenty six street artists selecte their most cherished characters to create two complete yet contrasting alphabets. Each 12" x 12" work of art will be on display in this two week exhibition before its transformation into Galerie F's first children's book. Details of the IS FOR book release will be announced at a future date. Come find the perfect print for your progeny's playroom! Consonants and vowels for both the childish and the versed.

Featuring new work from...
Dan Stiles - Joshua Budich - Lars Krause - David Welker
Furturle - Tim Doyle - Telegramme - Lil Tuffy
Justin Santora - Doe Eyed - Erica Williams - John Vogl
FugScreens - Sean Mort - Ann Benjamin - Burlesque of North America
Frida Clements - Phineas Jones - Jillian Nickell - Neal Williams
Ashley Elander - Michael Lauritano - Jessica Brook Deahl
Cristiano Suarez - Jason Abraham Smith - Andrew Ghrist

Chris Uphues - Matthew Hoffman - UPENDO - Epyon5
ABC Kills - JC Rivera - Jason Rowland - SOLO
Amuse126 - Jonski - Fonzo - Melon
wren - dirt - Ron Copeland - BWO Goosenek
Deal35 - Mr. Switch - Saro - Diane Derib
Mosher - Sentrock - Penny Pinch - Abe Lincoln Jr.
Nerfect - Tara Zanzig

Opening reception is Friday October 17th, 2014 from 6pm to 10pm
On display through November 4th.

Free and open to the public.
Refreshments to be provided for all 21+ attendees.

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