Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sarah Joncas Bleach Print

1xRUN has a new print from Sarah Joncas titled Bleach that is on sale now and has the perfect creepy factor to it.

 "This painting was inspired by the movie 'The Cell', much underrated by my perspective. I've always loved a good psychological thriller, but this one had such great visuals and cinematography!

Since this was almost a piece of fan art, it was mainly about exploring that eerie feeling and atmosphere of the film. Overall what I most loved about making the work was the contrast between the milky water and her textured, dappled skin. I do indulge in a creepy piece of art here and there, but I feel I really pushed myself with the realism and quality of this work. It's very simple too, not a lot to the composition, but it has a great punch to it." - Sarah Joncas

 On sale now at

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