Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sam Spratt Handsome Jack Gilded Mask Print Release

The fine folks at Treehouse Brands have another killer print release for one of their properties. You may be asking who is Treehouse Brands, they run the official stores for a number of different big video game properties. They worked with Galley1988 on the American McGees Alice art show back in 2011 and last fall had a series of prints based on the Tomb Raider game as well. Last year they released the Doom prints by Godmachine and Jonathan Wayshak .

This time they got something from Sam Spratt, Handsome Jack from the Borderlands games. The print titled Handsome Jack Gilded Mask is an 18 x 24 lithograph on 100 lb. paper, that means it's on some nice thick paper. It will be a signed and numbered edition of 500 and goes on sale Wednesday at 9AM MDT.

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