Monday, October 27, 2014

John Rebaud Skateographie Print Series

John Rebaud is the man behind the skateographie art prints project that began as a body of personal work. He wanted to capture the essence of a skateboarding trick by focusing on the gesture of the foot and the position of the board, so the main character would not be the skater but the skateboard itself. He chose a point of view and croped the image to erase personification.

John also wanted to capture the instant of the trick when you're in mid-air and everything seem to pause. You know you've done it right, and you know you'll land safe.

It's the perfect moment when time stands still and the board seems to float in the air, silently, after the noise of the pop and before the noise of the landing. He wanted a strong contrast between the black and white lines and a colorful background. John started the project with the kick flip, then it became an evidence to complete a whole set with every common trick, basic or difficult, slidy, grindy or old school… combined with a different color, the possibilities were endless !

John came up with 9 different artworks. Every print is 40x44cm, offset in 170 gsm.
Price : 10€ (approx $12,5) plus international shipping costs. Discounts for group orders.

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