Thursday, October 16, 2014

Avett Brothers Dig My Chili Louisville Posters All 3 Night World Premiere Exclusive

The Avett Brothers are in Louisville for 3 nights and Dig My Chili did the posters for all three nights.

Each poster is a S/N edition of 200. At the show the majority will be sold as singles. But there will be uncut sheets for sale each night as well. 

The posters are Six Color screen prints including a metallic on French Paper, Dur-O-Tone, Newsprint Aged, 80lb C. The size of the the three posters is 36in x 24in, with each poster being 12in x 24in.

Shown above are the 2 different color variants that only Dig My Chili will be selling.  Those are both six colors including a metallic as well. They are a S/N edition of only 25 each.

 Dig My Chili will be selling uncut as a matched set posters beginning at 9PM CST on Saturday on their website

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