Friday, October 31, 2014

Miles Tsang Avett Brothers Asheville Posters

Digital Image

Digital Image

Miles Tsang has really raised the bar for posters with the two he did for the Avett Brothers shows in Asheville this weekend. They'll have special posters available on both Oct. 31st and Nov. 1st. Both posters are designed and illustrated by Miles Tsang, concept by Scott Avett. The Halloween night design (Oct. 31st) is printed on clear plastic - certain areas were left with no ink so you can see through the poster. Nov. 1st's poster is printed on silver metallic paper. When you overlay the first night's print onto the second night's print, you can see the metallic images. A limited edition of 150 of each print will be available at the merch table on its specific night. All prints will be $50.

Miles talks about the posters and process:
Recently completed my first gigposter job ever (in the 5 years since starting) where I didn't do the printing (also, this is a digital-flatbed-printed giclee with raised ink). Double-nighter for The Avett Brothers! The cOztume-transparency-variant concept was all Scott Avett's, so it was a big honor to be trusted with bringing that experimental idea to life. On sale in a couple of weeks. I need a break.

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