Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Flesh Mystery Tube Poster Sale

This month New Flesh is celebrating their 3rd Anniversary with their 1st ever tube sale!

On sale at noon CDT on Wednesday, October 15 - 17 (or until they sell out)
Each tube will include:
- three 18”x24” posters
- two smaller prints “11x14” or 12”x12” etc., including one of two that was made specifically for this sale.
- stickers

This tube sale has been 4 years in the making. They have prints starting with their first release and almost everything going all the way though 2013. There are over 40 unique prints to pull from including Regulars and Variants.

Also, included in the sale will be “Test Prints” that were the “1st” prints of about 15 different posters. These print were the working prints that have notes on them and are literally the first impressions made of each layer in the run. These are early NF posters circa The Birds.

There will also be a some special prints randomly inserted into the tubes.
Included in these prints are:
- Watch this. Watch what? on pearl paper. Only 2 printed.
- Pacific Rim regular on pearl paper. From run of 15.
- Amittyville Horror variant. From A/P run of 5.
- All in the Game (The Wire) “test print” Regular inks on Variant paper. 1 of 1.
and yes. . .
- Prometheus Test Print. (has different black ink than final run.) Only 3 printed, this may be the last survivor.

Get your tube of Mystery over at

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