Monday, June 1, 2020

Brian Methe No Sleep Til Art Print

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Brian Methe has some new art that is a limited edition, screen printed art print in honor of the Beastie Boys. It is entitled “No Sleep Til”.

There are 40 on white paper and a variant on mint paper limited to 10. He is also offering doodled versions.

Image is drawn by hand and hand screen printed. 4 colors, measures 18x24 inches. Domestic shipping is free.

Whatch want is right here at >>

Friday, May 29, 2020

Becky Cloonan Marketa Lazarová Movie Poster Release

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On Friday Black Dragon Press will be releasing new posters by Becky Cloonan for the Czech film epic ‘Marketa Lazarová’, arguably the most convincing film about the Middle Ages ever made.

There are two versions of the poster: a 24" x 36" film poster and an 18" x 24" art print with split fountain.
"You know when a film speaks directly to you? When you find yourself thinking about it long after the credits rolled, the memory of it resonating through your very bones and blood until it doesn't just captivate you-- it has become a part of you. Marketa Lazarova became that film for me. I could illustrate a hundred more posters for it and never be satisfied that I am doing it justice. I'll spend the rest of my life being inspired by this film, dreaming of Marketa and Mikoláš, and their brutal, beautiful, heartbreaking story." Becky Cloonan
Movie Poster
24” x 36” screen print
300gsm Gmund Bauhaus
Hand numbered. Gallery stamp on the reverse. Limited edition of 35

Art Print
18” x 24” screen print with split fountain
300gsm Gmund Bauhaus
Hand numbered. Gallery stamp on the reverse. Limited edition of 50

They both go on sale Friday 29 May at 5PM UK time exclusively in the Black Dragon Press Shop.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Miles Morales Spider-Gwen & Venomverse Prints Release

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Greetings everyone! Grey Matter Art have a fun assortment of goodies for you this week. GMA love the idea of a good team-up, so it pleases them to be releasing 2 of their favorite Marvel Super-Heroes featured on their respective covers by two artists they admire greatly!

 First up is Miles Morales: Spider-Man #7 with cover art by none other than Concept Artist and Illustrator, Patrick O'Keefe, Art Director for Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. Patrick displays Miles doing what he does best in the good 'ole streets of New York!

Next up is a Spider-Gwen #5 Variant by Spanish Artist and Illustrator, David Aja! His use of colors and a bit of ink spatter are pulled off perfectly to display our Hero, Spider-Gwen in an acrobatic action pose. Love it!

And as if these two pieces of fantastic art aren't enough for all of you Spidey fans out there, GMA also brought out a little something for the symbiote lover in all of us by featuring the magnificent cover art by Comic Book Artist and Illustrator, Clayton Crain. This monster of a print culminated from a total of 5 Variant connecting covers from the popular Venomverse story and includes over 20 different Venom characters to have appeared throughout Marvel's history!

All prints are fine art giclees, printed on acid-free paper with archival inks for you to hang on your wall and admire!

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #7 by Patrick O'Keefe
16" x 24" Fine-Art Giclee (Hot Press Bright)
Edition of 125

Spider-Gwen #5 Variant by David Aja
16" x 24" Fine-Art Giclee (Hot Press Bright)
Edition of 125

Venomverse Variant #1-5 Variant by Clayton Crain
36" x 16" Fine-Art Giclee (Cold Press Natural)
Edition of 150

Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, & Venomverse Go On Sale Thursday, May 28th
at 1 PM EDT in the GMA Shop!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

PangeaSeed Foundation HOME Art Print Suite Release

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Recently, PangeaSeed Foundation, in partnership with Alternative Art Initiative and Whanganui Walls, organized and hosted HOME, the first-ever stay-at-home mural festival for the planet. A massive art endeavor with over 800 artists from 60 countries painting for a purpose helping to give our planet a creative voice during this unprecedented global pandemic.

PangeaSeed collaborated with a selection of supporting ARTivists to create a series of inspiring HOME: A Stay-at-Home Mural Festival event posters which they are now excited to release as fine art print editions for a limited time.

Featuring the artworks of renowned artists Gina Kiel (New Zealand), Pogo (Mexico), and Kelly Spencer (New Zealand), these stunning giclee prints are produced on beautiful museum archival Canson Aquarelle 310gsm paper via the good people at Static Medium in Los Angeles. Proceeds from the sales of each print help to support their ongoing ARTivism efforts for the planet.

Choose your favorite, celebrate our home, and help save the planet via art and activism!

Kelly Spencer (New Zealand)
Title - Fly Away Home
16x20 inches - fine art giclee print on Canson Aquarelle 310gsm with half-inch border
Price: $50 USD
Printed by Static Medium (Los Angeles)

Statement - "A piece for those of us who have found 'home' in more that one place, this piece juxtaposes the freedom of flight with warm earthy tones of a home among blooming flowers and sheltering leaves."

Gina Kiel (New Zealand)
Title - A Conversation of Thoughts
16x20 inches - fine art giclee print on Canson Aquarelle 310gsm with half-inch border
Price: $50 USD
Printed by Static Medium (Los Angeles)
Statement - "Thoughts...when the system stops, time seems to slow down and stretch across the days, the four walls called Home contain me but if I close my eyes I am in my true home, within myself, the physical space is small but it is an infinite expanse of imagination here. I am just like a tiny planet earth living on my Mother Earth, floating in space. Through her creative expression, I have learned mine, our flowers, our creatures, our colors, and our wonders connect us like blood. If I focus inward and listen I can hear her thoughts and I can share them as art and you can share them too and we can have a conversation with the thoughts of our planet."

Pogo (Mexico)
Title - We Will Bloom
16x20 inches - fine art giclee print on Canson Aquarelle 310gsm
Price: $50 USD
Printed by Static Medium (Los Angeles)
Statement - “After weeks of quarantine I started feeling trapped, underground, in darkness. My mind struggled every day to focus, to relax. I knew I had to transform these negative feelings into positive ones to survive and to keep my sanity. I started thinking about how much of an impact we are making by just ceasing our activities as human beings and how that is already a positive shift for the planet, the animals, the trees, the oceans. I then tried turning the feeling of being trapped underground into a positive feeling and It came to me, we’re trapped, underground, devoid of sunlight, waiting to come out, to bloom like little seeds, waiting patiently to reach out to the first rays of sunlight of a new era, a transformation, a rebirth.”

On sale now at

N.C. Winters 311 Day Las Vegas Poster

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N.C, Winters is happy to finally be able to announce artist copies from his 311 gig poster for their last gig before the world changed. Posters are from their 3 night stint in Las Vegas, celebrating “311 Day” (held over March 11, 12 and 13). His poster design was available alongside those of Miles Tsang and Nathaniel Deas, who also made bangers for the event.

The printing was executed fantastically by the ever diligent crew of Lady Lazarus out of Houston. They like most of us, were hit with a shelter in place order; thus the delay in availability. Prints are seven colors on both off white natural paper as well as a selection available on foils.

311 Day Gig Poster, March 11, 12, 13 in Las Vegas, Nevada
Print size: 18" x 24" limited edition of 1000 signed & numbered.
Seven color screenprint on Cougar 100# natural stock.
Printed by Lady Lazarus.
Show version, not available

On sale now at

Friday, May 15, 2020

Todd Slater x Bioworkz Guardian Art Print Release

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Todd Slater collaborated with Ben Kwok of Bioworkz to create an original piece titled: “Guardian”. He’s an artist whose work Todd has admired for a long time. Rather than have each of us draw half the image they passed the file back and forth and each worked on different passages over the course of several weeks. Todd and Ben are both super stoked with the final image and hope you all like it as well. The great folks at Inhouse silkscreen printed these on a variety of mirrored paper stocks with a shiny clear spot varnish. Ben’s editions are the same as Todd's but in a different color way. The prints will be gone very quickly so if you want one please don’t hesitate.

The art drops at a random time tomorrow on both artists websites.

Size of the print is 12 x 16 inches /// 6 screens (1 shiny clear spot varnish) /// Slater editions signed, numbered and embossed: 50 on Mirri red, 15 Mirri gold, 15 Mirri rainbow foil, 15 Mirri copper & 5 Mirri emerald

Link to Slater store:

Link to Bioworkz store:

Emek The Astrolationist Print On Wood Release

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Emek has once again teamed up with Prints On Wood for an amazing release.

The Astrolationist.. like an isolated astronaut

Astro means “relating to the stars, celestial objects, or outer space”
Lation means “motion of a celestial object from one place to another”
ist means "a person who specializes in a specified art or science"

He is isolated, but he is bringing the party (and hope) to a dying world The Astrolationist. a new word created by EMEK (trademarked ??)

Size of the art is 10 x 12.5 in. (25.4 x 31.75 cm)

Unique and distinct multi-layered fine art wood print hand signed and numbered by EMEK

A unique multi-layered fine art birch wood print starts with a 1/2" wood print base with a 1/4" custom cut to shape Astrolationist layed on top.

Timed release ending Friday, May 22nd at midnight PST.

On sale at 3pm EDT Friday at

Jim Rugg Octobriana 1976 Comic Book & Print Kickstarter Project

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Jim Rugg has new project. It's a blacklight comic book and series of blacklight screen prints.

The project is for a comic book called Octobriana 1976. It's set in the 70s because that's when Jim thinks of blacklight posters. The comic is being printed with fluorescent inks and will be a very unique piece of printed matter. It's about an underground Russian superhero (semi-based on a true story).

 If you know anyone that's into weird comics, unique printed matter, 70s counter culture, or superwomen this is what you want to check out and support.
Here is a link to the Kickstarter where you can find more art and info.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Who Live at Leeds 1970 Print by Ames Bros Release

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Iconic by Collectionzz is releasing the second print in their set of The Who Live at Leeds 50th Anniversary posters by Ames Bros on Friday May 15 at 12:00pm EDT/9:00am PDT on!

If you don’t know about Live at Leeds, it is widely considered to be the best live album of all time, capturing The Who at their absolute pinnacle as a band. It would unfortunately be the only live album that features Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, Keith Moon and John Entwistle. The first prints in the set sold out quick, so mark your calendars!

Glow in Dark Regular Edition
Officially Licensed by The Who
Size: 18" x 24"
Authenticity Hologram on rear of print
Artist: Coby Schultz, Ames Bros.
Edition Size: 165
Paper: Cougar Smooth Opague 100lb Cover
3 color screen print with glow in the dark inks
Markings: Signed and Numbered out of 165

Metallic Black Variant
Officially Licensed by The Who
Size: 18" x 24"
Authenticity Hologram on rear of print
Artist: Coby Schultz, Ames Bros.
Edition Size: 75
Paper: Metallic Black Ore 105lb Cover
4 color screen print
Markings: Signed and Numbered out of 75

Lava Foil Chase Variant
Officially Licensed by The Who
Size: 18" x 24"
Authenticity Hologram on rear of print
Artist: Coby Schultz, Ames Bros.
Edition Size: 10 (5 will be randomly added to tubes)
Paper: Lava Foil Paper
4 color screen print
Markings: Signed and Numbered out of 10

Armando Chainsawhands Stay Safe Canvas Originals

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It's been awhile since Armando Chainsawhands released a print, but in these uncertain and unprecedented times, He's been staying home and staying safe, working on commissions and small batches of originals/hand-painted multiples. The first batch of originals are for sale RIGHT NOW and are titled Stay Safe and are spray paint stencils in a variety of colors on 9" x 12" x 1.5" deep splined gallery profile canvas.

The canvases are $60 and are available for sale RIGHT NOW at

Each canvas is available in a unique colorway and is tagged on the side and titled and signed on the back. There are only 5 available right now but he will be adding more as the canvases sell out, so be sure to check back.