Friday, May 25, 2018

Brandon Heart Metallica Helsinki Posters

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Official Metallica Helsinki Brandon Heart Artist Edition Posters release.

Available Friday, May 25th at 11am Pacific - F4DSTUDIOS.COM

Edition of 50 Night 1 and Night 2 Purple Colorway posters.
Edition of 30 Night 1 and Night 2 Red Foil posters.

Edition of 20 Uncut Purple Colorway posters.
Edition of 20 Uncut Red Foil posters.

Posters measure 18" x 24" (cut versions) and 24" x 36" (uncut versions) and are all 5 color screen prints, signed and numbered by artist Brandon Heart.

The cut versions of the posters will have an option to purchase them in matching number sets at a slight discount over purchasing them individually.

Jermaine Rogers Queens Of The Stone Age Winnipeg Posters Release

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QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Winnipeg Posters 2018

Measuring 24x17 inches, this latest Queens Of The Stone Age print by Jermaine Rogers features striking and colorful imagery. This 7-color piece is on gallery stock and is masterfully printed by the precise hands at Lady Lazarus Press.

Artist Edition
Printed on rich Stardream Opal stock with an enhanced finish.
Limited to only 75 signed and numbered pieces.
- 50.00 plus shipping/handling

Gold Edition
Printed on brilliant Stardream Gold stock with an enhanced finish.
Limited to only 30 signed and numbered pieces.
- 75.00 plus shipping/handling

Sparkle Foil Edition
Printed on Holographic Sparkle foil stock.
Limited to only 30 signed and numbered pieces.
- 80.00 plus shipping/handling

ALL OF THE ABOVE ITEMS will be made available on Friday, May 25th 2018 at: 3:00 PM EDT

Carl Glover David Gilmour Poster Release By Flood Gallery

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Flood Gallery are releasing a new poster featuring one of the original members of Pink Floyd, David Gilmour. Carl Glover designed the poster that measures 24x36” four-colour screen print series of SEVEN limited edition variants all signed and numbered on different foil papers.

Available to pre-order from 4PM BST 11am EDT FRIDAY MAY 25th.. orders shipping worldwide from JUNE 17th.

EXCLUSIVELY from The Flood Gallery here:

Fábio Moon How To Talk To Girls At Parties Poster Release From Mondo

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On Friday Mondo will have a stunning new poster by Fábio Moon for A24's latest film, HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES. Adapted from a short story by Neil Gaiman and directed by John Cameron Mitchell, the story is set in 1970s London and follows Enn and his friends, John and Vic, as they find themselves at a "party" that is actually a gathering of visiting aliens. The film is a ton of fun and features stellar performances, particularly from Elle Fanning and Nicole Kidman as a basement-punk "low" priestess. Mondo are huge fans of Fábio Moon and are crazy excited to partner up with him for duties on this poster. He and his brother Gabriel Bá were the artists on the original short story and they knew instantly they had to ask if he'd be interested in creating art for the film adaptation. Be sure to check out the film in theaters this weekend!

"There's something about the connection of the main characters (who are a couple) that's very intimate, very quiet, and at the same time transmits the explosive effect of falling in love. I wanted to put that sense of intimacy in the poster as well as capture the energetic punk aesthetics of the film." - Fábio Moon

This poster will be available Friday at a random time on

Thursday, May 24, 2018

QOTSA Madison Print By Zeb Love Release

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Zeb Love has a new one for Queens of the Stone Age and their show in Madison, WI, releasing on his website Friday May 25, at Noon EDT

Standard - AP Edition of 50 - $35
Lava Foil - AP Edition of 15 - $80
Gold Foil (w/3 split fountains) - Edition of 16 - $80
Rainbow Foil (w/3 Split Fountains) - Edition of 9 - $100
Midnight Blue - Edition of 5 - $80

All posters come signed and numbered.

Juan Travieso Fatal Waves Art Print Release By PangeaSeed

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PangeaSeed is pleased to announce their latest print release of our ongoing Sea of Change: The Year of Living Dangerously - Vol. 4 print suite by guest artist Juan Travieso (USA). The highlighted ocean environmental issue of this edition is polar bear conservation and human impact on arctic habitats.

Artist: Juan Travieso (USA)
Title: "Fatal Waves"
Environmental Issue: Polar bear conservation and human impact on arctic habitats
Pricing: $115 USD plus shipping and handling
Edition size: 50 prints plus 5 APs numbered
Paper: Italian cold press water color paper
Dimensions: 24x30 inches with a one inch border

Available Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 12pm PDT via

Artist statement:

Polar Bears are facing many forms of danger but one of the biggest threats they face, is oil. Due to oil exploration in the arctic, the Polar Bear population is declining. As oil and gas reserves in the south dry up, it is becoming more common to see exploration happening in the arctic. Unfortunately, we have not yet discovered an effective way to clean or control an oil spill under the difficult weather conditions that the arctic puts forth and as a result we are seeing destruction of habitat, reduced insulation, and poisoning in the region and among the animals. The added stress on the Polar Bear's environment will continue to accelerate the speed at which they are going extinct, which is precisely what inspired this painting. The piece is meant to bring awareness to the danger this beautiful animal faces and the urgency for us to take responsibility and begin making choices that protect them.

Dan Mumford The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Movie Poster Release

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After his great print trilogy, here’s a new Tolkien screenprint by artist Dan Mumford and French Paper Art Club.

The HOBBIT : An Unexpected Journey
8 color screenprint
24x36 inches
Officially licensed
Limited Edition of 200

A few words by the artist :
After initially creating the triptych of prints for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I came to this first piece for the Hobbit feeling quite a bit of trepidation. I was extremely happy with how those prints had come out, so I wanted to make sure we continued that tradition with this first piece for the Hobbit trilogy. As usual with all of Peter Jacksons films within this world, there was no shortage of incredible moments and characters to draw from, but we felt that the climactic meeting of Thorin & Azog made for the perfect scene. It contains all of the major characters and allowed for a really dynamic scene with plenty of details for people to search for throughout. -Dan Mumford
Online Thursday May 24 at 1:00pm EDT at

Justin Hampton Mystery Tube Sale

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It’s been almost a year since Justin Hampton's last Mystery tube, scratch and dent sale. Last years sale was a huge hit so he thought he'd give it another go! You’ll get a tube with 4 random posters and/ or art prints of my selection will ship to you for $75 (plus shipping). The tube could contain any combination of posters, artist proofs, test prints and key line prints as well as handbills or stickers that are just taking up too much room in his poster vault. One print in each tube will be hand re-marqued. he’ll only accept a limited number of these so act quick while it’s up for grabs!

On sale On Sale Friday, May 25th at Noon PST at

Jay Gordon Murders in the Rue Morgue Posters Dual Release

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Mondo and Black Dragon Press are very excited to release a brand new poster for Edgar Allan Poe’s thrilling mystery tale ‘The Murders in the Rue Morgue’ by South African illustrator Jay Gordon. Widely recognized as the first modern detective story, ‘The Murders in the Rue Morgue’ changed the history of world literature, with the character of Dupin becoming the prototype for many future fictional detectives, including Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot. Jay’s epic nine colour poster gives a modern twist to this timeless classic and they’re absolutely delighted to put it out into the world.
“This was one of the first stories I read of Poe’s and I remember being both as terrified as I was intrigued. I had a few shots in my head of where I thought the viewer could be placed, but this one I think told the story best. Although Dupin is the hero of this story with his deductive prowess, I wanted to focus on the horror and tragedy of the murder, where the central figure in this story is a wild animal filled with rage and confusion due to his capture and ill treatment. The viewpoint suggests the eyes of the sailor as he looks through the French apartment window upon the ruin and degradation that he has caused, and the three victims within.” - Jay Gordon
US Variant
18" x 24" hand-pulled screen print
270gsm Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite paper
Hand numbered. Gallery stamp on the reverse
Limited edition of 60

UK Variant
18" x 24" hand-pulled screen print
270gsm Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite paper
Hand numbered. Gallery stamp on the reverse
Limited edition of 60

‘The Murders in the Rue Morgue’ by Jay Gordon will go on sale this Thursday 24 May at 5pm UK time in the Black Dragon Press Store and at a random time from the MONDO website for their North American friends.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Bioworkz Primus Charlotte Posters Artist Edition Release

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Official Bioworkz Primus Charlotte Artist Edition Posters on sale details.

Available Wednesday, May 23rd at 11am Pacific - F4DSTUDIOS.COM

Edition of 50 Regular Edition prints
Edition of 30 "Thatched" Foil prints
Edition of 10 Gold Foil prints

All posters measure 18" x 24" and are 6 color screen prints that are signed, numbered and hand embossed by artist Bioworkz.