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New OBEY SHEPARD FAIREY 4 poster art print 20 Year Retro Series Set on sale details

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This large format print series was created to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of OBEY. The series was first released in Feb but only to a selected few for the opening of Shepard’s 20 year Retrospective at the ICA Boston. Shepard chose to revisit these images, from the 98 - 2000 era, due to their popularity but adding a more refined look to them with the replace of the OBEY Orange for a Metallic Gold. This fine art print series will go sale on 4/2/09 at noon. The series will initially go on sale only as a set with a few individual prints sold separately later in the day.

Edition of 75
Signed and Numbered
29″ x 41″ each

$2000 as a set
as individuals

Break out the credit card on this one damn. You can get a really nice piece of original art from any number of artist for $2k if not less. This is for the hard core Obey fans.

Jay Ryan Truce art print on sale NOW

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the truce as first shown here
approximately 15.125 x 20.125 inches, printed on arches 88
five screens used
edition of 150, signed

image size: 10.75 x 15.25 inches.

this is a lithograph made during a visiting artist stint at edinboro university in pennsylvania in february 2009. courtney lang led the team of grad student printers.




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2009 postcard set
approximately 4 x 6 inches, printed on used cover stock
two screens used
edition of 450+, unsigned

- - - - -
we took misprinted posters, cut them up, printed twelve different two-color images on them, and packed the twelve different cards into a boring white envelope. therefore, no two sets of cards are the same.

these postcard sets ship separately from posters. we cannot ship them in a tube. a stamp will be placed on the envelope, they will be hand-addressed, and they will come to you in the mail.

limit five sets per customer, please.
- - - - -
US & CANADA ONLY: due to some issues with the website, and the fact that they have plenty of these, go ahead right now and paypal $10 per set to orders@thebirdmachine.com. there is no additional shipping cost beyond the $10.

New Jay Ryan poster Flock

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Jay has a bunch of new things for sale today

NIU art museum, dekalb, illinois, 03/29/09
approximately 20 x 26 inches, printed on french cover
five screens used
edition of 330, signed

New Jermaine Rogers poster art print 'Interaction #1: Gypsy Eye' on sale details

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About 'Interaction #1: Gypsy Eye' Jermaine says:

"Arguably the greatest concert poster of all time is Rick Griffin's 'Eyeball,' Bill Graham number 105, done for a 1968 concert headlined by Jimi Hendrix. The immortal imagery is perfect in every way, showcasing the 'all-seeing' eyeball: according to sources, Rick called it 'the eye of god'. There it hovers, bearing a skull in it's clawed hand...a reminder that we are all mortal and passing beings. Enhancing this striking artwork is the knowledge that it was done to promote a show by the legend that is Hendrix. I can imagine Jimi moving through cosmos and alternate realities...slipping in and out of dimensions, accompanied by his ethereal companion, his cosmic guide: The Eye. These 2 legendary figures are forever entwined in the history of rock and roll...one real and one imagined. And yet the power of the one has accentuated the beauty of the other. BG 105 is a shrine of modern art, a seamless example of what happens when music and visuals combine to create a tremor on the richter scale of how we measure culture and our place in it. This is my humble tribute: Rick Griffin, we are not even worthy."

This 8-color screenprint measures approx. 20 x 30 inches and is printed on gallery stock. It features a mixture of brilliant tone inks, including a metallic and a striking color-fade. This print is from a very limited signed and numbered edition of only 150 pieces.

On sale
Thursday, April 2, 2009, at a random time between noon & 3pm MDT at www.jermainerogers.com



Mark Ryden’s First Ever Toy - YHWH Pictures on sale details

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Original Painting

Here is the first photo we have seen of Mark Ryden’s first ever toy - YHWH. The figure is titled after one of his paintings (seen after the jump) and also cleverly posed with a little girl as in the painting, the figure is 16" tall. Not sure what it is meant to be but one definition of YHWH is the God of the Old Testament as transliterated from Hebrew consonants. Perhaps it’s Ryden’s vision of the Almighty, at least in the world of his paintings.

The figure will come in a special box and will be released by famed collector Long Gone John’s Necessaries Toy Foundation. There will also be two other colorways - black and white - more rare no doubt. Look for this to drop mid-summer 09

Damien Hirst For Supreme | Skateboard Decks on sale details

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The time has come. After announcing them earlier, the Damien Hirst For Supreme skateboard decks are about to be released.

Hirst is known for his Spin paintings made at random on a spinning circular surface, and his now iconic, graphic Spot paintings that depict rows of randomly-colored circles. This week, Supreme will release a series of three decks designed by Damien Hirst featuring his Spin paintings.

The decks will be released in-store and online on Thursday, April 2nd. Available in Japan on Saturday, April 4th.

Make sure to check out the video of the artist talking about the project on the Supreme website.

Pushead x NEIGHBORHOOD 2009 April Releases

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New from NEIGHBORHOOD is the capsule of items created by iconic artist Pushead. The collection’s focus is on a graphic combining Pushead’s familiar skull set against an eagle motif. A jacket, t-shirt and sticker set all bear this particular graphic.


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A superb artist in his own right, Mark Bode, son of the legendary illustrator Vaughn Bode, partnered with Spain’s Montana (aka MTN) in launching a limited edition of spray cans. Each with 400ml capacity, both adorned with Bode’s work. Limited to 500 units worldwide, the Mark Bode x MTN Artist Spray Cans will be available at selected art supplies vendors and street culture retailers.

Monday, March 30, 2009

ZOMBAMA BRAINS t-shirt by Pop-Monkey


Well Zombies are kinda in now I guess. Head over to www.teefury.com to get one. They are only $9. The deal with Tee Fury is they offer a shirt for one day and thats it. Yeah its a little disturbing and funny at the same time.

What the artist said about the shirt

"There are many possible meanings and interpretations of this design, but if you're assigning some sort of racist, hate-filled vibe to it, then I suggest you take a long walk off a short pier. This is a commentary about rabid Obama fan-mania coupled with his missteps as a new leader, as well as a commentary about appropriation art. I'll leave the details up to your imagination. This is not a photo-manipulation of that other Obama piece, though it's obviously based on it -- it's completely hand-drawn from scratch, then rendered in Illustrator."

- Pop-Monkey


Here is a link to his blog

Video Exclusive: Puscifer's Maynard James Keenan Handcuffs Reporter, Suggests GG Allin to Re-Kill Himself at Club Nokia Shows

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Puscifer with Maynard James Keenan is invading LA this week 2 sold out shows at Club Nokia. Watch this great interview with LAWEEKLY. The TOOL front man and wine maker is nuts.

Maynard James Keenan is a man of many pursuits: musician, vintner, and as it turns out, cop. The latter I discovered the hard way when Sheriff Keenan arrested me for trespassing after I tracked him down for an interview about Puscifer's upcoming performances at Club Nokia, April 4 and 5. Luckily he took time to answer a few questions before locking me up. (Yes, I managed to post bail, thanks to Randall Roberts.) When asked about whether or not Puscifer's cabaret show breaks the mold of a typical rock concert, Keenan replied, "It doesn't, really. We lied about all that. However, GG Allin possibly will materialize long enough to re-kill himself for our entertainment." Watch the exclusive video above for more Q&A insight into Puscifer's Club Nokia performances. For more information go to puscifer.com.

Also on the Puscifer website are the 3 poster set from the Vegas shows all signed. Check them out here click new on the left side to them.

Canned Series T-Shirts by Bodega

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Improve the shelf life of your bodega goods with the first release in a series of specially packaged tees featuring perishable social commentary flipped with tongue placed firmly in cheek. Offering no intellectual or nutritional value, these cans are hand numbered and limited to 100 pieces per t-shirt design. This ongoing project will feature designs by Bodega and varying guest artists per release. Stay tuned for further details in the coming weeks. The Canned Series is expected to see the release of its first design on April 4th, 2009 via the Bodega flagship store and online.

6 Clearway St
Boston, MA 02115
P + 617.421.1550

More sneak previews for Gallery 1988 Idiot Box Show

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"A is for Android"
Size: 14x18 inches
Medium: Acrylic on Masonite panel
This piece shows what the A-Team would look like if they were all robots...and if the "A" in A-Team stood for "Android".

"Grape Soda Teardrops"
From: "ALF" Season 1, Episode 3
Size: 9.75x12 inches
Medium: Acrylic on Masonite panel

This piece shows the scene from the episode where ALF is running away because they think ALF ate the family cat. He is going to find the cat and bring it back to them. While he was writing his goodbye letter, he spilled some grape soda on the paper, and called them teardrops.

Jimbot has released pics of his newest paintings for the show opening April 2 at Gallery 1988

mastermind Japan for Fillico Jewelry Water

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Production of expensive everyday product in the form of luxurious water bottles has become a common implementation into the Japanese market. One of the more widely recognized companies, Fillico, produces jewelry-infused water bottles in the upwards of $100 USD. Although they make no sense to purchase as an everyday essential, these can surely serve as a decorative collector’s item for the mastermind Japan fanatic or bling bling aficionado in general. Various different renditions are now available via the official Fillico website.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Rock & Roll Public Library: Mick Jones of The Clash's memorabilia

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From the Telegraph UK

This week, a deeply unusual exhibition has been opened by one of punk rock's surviving legends. Mick Jones was the Clash's lead guitarist, and co-wrote their songs alongside the late, legendary Joe Strummer. Thereafter, he enjoyed success in the Eighties fronting Big Audio Dynamite, and recently resurfaced in a new combo, Carbon/Silicon.

All the while, Jones, an obsessive hoarder of pop-cultural bric-à-brac, has been collecting mementos and promotional items from his own career, as well as thousands of books, records, VHS cassettes, comics, action figures and – one of Jones's favourite pieces – a range of toy soldiers depicting a battle scene from the film, Zulu.

"There's probably only one of these still in existence," he pondered, lovingly smoothing out one of its dog-eared corners. "I must do something with all this stuff one day."

His exhibition, The Rock & Roll Public Library, is that idea come to fruition. In a moderately proportioned gallery, the Chelsea Space, situated just behind Tate Britain, he is displaying a small but enticing sample of his treasures.

As the final few crates of hardbacks were being installed, Jones explained that he was galvanised into action after watching a BBC4 documentary about the film director Stanley Kubrick. Kubrick had assembled hundreds of boxes of personal possessions, which came to light only after his death, when his estate donated them to the London University of the Arts.

"When I saw how enigmatic Stanley was with his boxes," Jones says, "initially I thought, well, yes, you can just have a private collection, but then I came around to thinking that the point is to share the stuff, so that other people can enjoy it. It's still by no means properly sorted, but this is a start."

Many of the artefacts on display will be a mouthwatering sight for Clash fans. The corridor, as you go in, is lined with posters and photos, including a screenprint for Strummer's first band, the 101'ers, and some scruffy photocopies from the fateful summer of 1976.

In the main room, there are gold discs, flight cases stencilled with the Clash's name, backstage passes, badges, magazine covers, handwritten lyric sheets, custom-tailored stage garments, and the odd memo on hotel notepaper from Strummer. "Hello, Mick," says one. "It's Joe. Okay, I give up, you win. Call me. Love, Joe".

"I can't remember if it was important," Jones shrugs, "but the Clash stuff is just part of this. It's about Brooke Bond tea cards as well. It's a shame they don't do cigarette cards any more – at least there would be some point to smoking." He takes a heave on his ever-present roll-up, and giggles. "Look here," – he points to another curious objet – "it's Charles de Gaulle in a pen made out of ivory.

"Some people might think all this stuff has no value whatsoever. Others might think of it as a major cultural document." Jones himself is certainly warming to the latter notion, if always with a mischievous grin. He's also keen to fight against our eBay-driven obsession with financial valuation.

"It does raise questions about categorisation. Is it art? I look at it as one artwork, the whole collection – one piece of art, which I'm continually working on and updating." Against the advice of the Chelsea Space's curator, Donald Smith, he wants visitors to be able to "engage with" his exhibits, to take videos down from the shelves, to leaf through books, and so on.

"Am I worried that people will half-inch things? I don't want that, obviously. I think, if you do that, shame on you. But if it ends up as a free-for-all, so be it. The thing is, this stuff is not for sale. This is to look at and enjoy."

The Rock & Roll Public Library is a wonderfully lurid pop experience, a timely reminder of all the colour and creative design we're missing out on, by storing our pop these days on iPods and mobile phones. In times of looming austerity, it is also gloriously ephemeral, and philanthropic – entrance is free.

Jones hopes that this first run will lead to a full-scale, permanent exhibition. To that end, he invited the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to the preview (he didn't show up).

"We're looking for funding, an Arts Council grant – whatever's going, really. If someone just wants to give us a building in west London, we'll do the rest. I know it's a mad idea, because no one's really done it before. It's this crazy life, where you just do creative things and you feel excited all the time by the stuff around you."

His eyes take on an idealistic twinkle. "If loads of people could feel like that, things would change."

  • 'The Rock & Roll Public Library' runs at the Chelsea Space, London SW1, until April 18. Info: www.chelseaspace.org
  • A video for Carbon/Silicon's latest recording, 'Reach for the Sky', featuring close-ups of several hundred exhibits, can be seen at: www.carbonsiliconinc.com

New MICHAEL MUNTER Pelican poster

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Michael has been quite lately but comes back with an amazing poster for the Pelican show in Salt Lake City. This mans work is just amazing in person.

This beauty is 19 x40 with 4 layers of spray paint and 8 color screen print and an edition of only 50.

Check out his other work at www.mikemunter.carbonmade.com

Be sure to click the image and see this amazing piece in all its glory. Feel free to leave a comment also


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Tyler Stout has created another great gigposter. This time for the Pelican show in Portland. On sale details to follow.

When Worlds Collide. A father son show featuring the works of Chet Zar and James Zar

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L'Imagerie Gallery
10555 Victory Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91606
Tel: (818) 762-8488 / Fax: (818) 762-8499

May 16 - June 20

Click on the flyer image above for a huge pic


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Well spring is trying to get here. Maybe this little bit of sunshine will help until then.

Minka Dumonte Kelly (born June 24, 1980) is an American actress. She currently stars in the NBC series Friday Night Lights as Lyla Garrity.

Minka Kelly was born in Los Angeles, California. She is an only child and the daughter of former Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay. According to Kelly, her childhood was "pretty rough", and she held a resentment for Dufay, as he had abandoned her and her mother. However, at seventeen, she decided to try and reconcile by inviting him out to New Mexico.

After graduating from high school, Kelly returned to Los Angeles with her father to pursue acting as a hobby while she went to school to become a surgical technician. However, after her first acting class she got "hooked" and began pursuing acting as a career. Success came slowly, and she began her career with small roles in various movies and shows, including the film State's Evidence, and a recurring-guest role on the TV program What I Like About You.

In the spring she was cast as Lyla Garrity on the show Friday Night Lights. In preparation for the role, she trained with the Pflugerville High School cheerleading squad. Kelly has received praise for her acting on Friday Night Lights, with the New York Times calling her performance "heartbreaking".

She shot a cameo for The Kingdom, alongside Jamie Foxx. Peter Berg, the creator and pilot director of Friday Night Lights, directed the film. Minka Kelly is the lead actor on the CW's new pilot Body politic.

Kelly dated Donald Faison in 2005, and had a relationship with actor Chris Evans, as well. In September 2007, she began dating musician John Mayer. Their break-up was reported by People.com on January 9, 2008. In October 2008, she was seen at the University of Texas vs Missouri game with latest beau New York Yankees' shortstop Derek Jeter.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


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Dammit all the cool shows happen in California.



Greg "Pnut" Galinsky

New original art
50 limited edition Alva fish tail decks hand painted by Pnut

Thursday April 9th 2009
7pm - 11pm

Open Bar by : Transphusion
BBQ Food by : S . V . D .
Gift Bags for THE first 50 guests provided by : Vans EXHIBIT A GALLERY : 1086 SOUTH FAIRFAX AVE. LOS ANGELES CA, 90019 ( BETWEEN OLYMPIC AND PICO )


EXHIBITION RUNS 04/09/09 - 04/30/09, WED - FRI, 1PM - 7PM

April 29 A Forca da Rua at the Cuckoo Club Custom Guitar benefit show UK

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The ABC Trust is pleased to present A Força da Rua (Force of the Street), an exclusive contemporary street art project bringing together 12 of the finest artists from Brazil and the UK, including D*Face, Inkie, Titi Freak, Speto and Calma. Each artist will create a unique piece of art that will help raise funds and awareness for Brazil’s most vulnerable children.

Gibson Guitar - a long time supporter of the ABC Trust charity - have donated 12 of their most iconic guitars including Les Paul, Melody Maker, Flying V and SG - to be customised. These will then be exhibited at a central London location and sold at a high profile VIP charity art auction at the Cuckoo Club on 29 April.

The ABC Trust (Action For Brazil’s Children’s Trust), whose co-founder and Patron is Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, have chosen graffiti and street art to work with as it reflects the rebellious free spirit of music and Brazil’s creative youth. Each of the artists’ work for the guitars reflects how art and music should be accessible and available to young people without discrimination and have the ability to inspire and transform.





There will also be a public competition hosted by a panel of judges including Cedar Lewisohn (Tate Modern Curator), graffiti expert and author Tristan Manco (including Graffiti Brasil, Thames & Hudson 2005), filmmaker Lorna Lavelle, participating artist INKIE and Francesca Gavin, Dazed & Confused Magazine’s Visual Arts Editor and author of Street Renegades: New Underground Art (published by Laurence King). The competition will be launched this month, inviting UK residents to submit their own designs for customising a Gibson guitar, inspired by the project title, with the opportunity for the winning work to be featured as part of the exhibition.

As well as the exhibition and auction, a short documentary film will be made about the project by filmmaker of the moment Lorna Lavelle, known for her recent stunning series of shorts for Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and SHOWstudio, as well as music videos Lupe Fiasco and UNKLE, and the forthcoming re-mastered version of the Warhol-era satire Brand X (for which Lorna is both re-mastering and directing an accompanying documentary) and the Brazilian graffiti art documentary Weapon of Choice.

Gallery 1988 Idiot Box Show preview Rik Catlow

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Another sneaky peak at a piece for the Gallery 1988 upcoming show Idiot Box. From Rik Catlow Beavis in his Bungholio pose. I so want this piece.

Paintings of a Madman - Adolf Hitler Auction

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We recently found out that one world leader’s (Vladamir Putin) painting was worth $1.1 million. Now, another more infamous and more dead former leader’s paintings will be up for auction - Hitler’s. This set of 13 paintings set to go under the hammer next month are expected to sell for a lot less, one of which is seen above. The self portrait of the Nazi leader seen above is signed with the initials A.H.

This lot of paintings were from the time when a younger Hitler was a struggling artist. He was twice rejected from entering the the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and was told he had no talent. Hitler continued to live on the streets of Vienna, selling his postcard paintings to tourists and fervently reading anti-Semitic literature, which was readily available at the time. Perhaps being a tortured artists in these formulative years led him to become the monster that murdered millions in his later years.

From AM

Behold The True Octomom from Daniel Edwards

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This was just to funny to pass up.

Oh Nadya Suleman, was there ever anyone so undeserving of fame and attention? And has there ever been anyone so destructive to the reputation of the mighty cephalopod, or anything with the prefix ‘octo-’? For serious.

Perhaps Daniel Edwards is fighting the good fight against the cult of celebrity, or perhaps he’s just obnoxiously adding to it, but here she is : the Octomom, in the truest sense of word, presented in this limited edition polyurethane sculpture entitled ‘String of Babies’. I think you’re just giving her the attention that she wants at this point, guy.

While it’s not a huge intellectual leap to create such a literal interpretation of the dreaded ‘octomom’ phrase, you might recognize Edwards’ less punny work from the sculpture of Britney giving birth, or the dead Paris Hilton, or even the Oprah sarcophagus. This seems to be his first mass production piece - a medium which is surprisingly suited to the plastic, repetitive nature of the whole celebrity thing anyhow. On a purely sculptural level, casting subject matter aside, it’s a pretty slick piece.

The first 50 pieces will sell for a ‘pre-production’ price of $199, while the remaining 150 pieces will sell for $500 each. If you’re so inclined. I only hope that Ms. Suleman gets a free one to display in blissfully ignorant irony.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Different new artist No Pattern -Chuck Anderson-Lights For Drowning Print on Sale

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Came across this artist Chuck Anderson of No Pattern. He does a lot of print ads but also prints with some crazy lighting in them. His newest print is Lights For Drowning 18 X 24 signed for $45. Not sure what print method was used to create the it, but it looks cool

Check him out at www.npandco.com

12 Rounds movie opening this weekend

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Dont forget to go see 12 Rounds this weekend. Go here to read about the contest the writer of the movie is having.

Deuce 7 Wash Out art print on sale details

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Coming Thursday April 2 3pm est. The newest Deuce 7 art print will be for sale over at www.burlesquedesign.com

$75 shipping included. 100% cotton Rising Stonehenge archival paper...17.5" x 24"....12 color screenprint. edition of 72. Probably less than 50 available. The ones they sell will not have the registration marks on them.

To see more of his work check out www.deuce7art.com

NEW Ernesto Yerena poster art print Cesar Chavez

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Print to be released on March 31st, 2009, in honor of Cesar Chavez on his birthday...

Available at http://www.jetsetgraffiti.com

For more information, email us: info@jetsetgraffiti.com

Artist: Ernesto Yerena
Size: 30" x 30"
Medium: Fine Art Serigraph on 320 GSM Stonehenge Archival Paper. Printed at Modern Multiples Studio, this is Ernesto's first large format fine art print.
Edition Size: 50 pieces each of two colorways; brown and turquoise.

NEW Ernesto Yerena poster art print Ganas

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Ernesto has created a cool new art print.
The image is of legendary Mexican Actor/ Musician Pedro Infante.

Print Specs:
Edition of 30
Exactly 18x24
3 Color Black/Pearl/Turquoise on Yellow 100lb paper

PM cookiehead if you want one on EB here

$65 shipped

New Book by Henry Rollins

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Henry Rollins has released a new book, A Preferred Blur. His spoken word shows are one of the most entertaining evenings you can have.

From his email
This is just a notice to let you know that the limited edition of my new book, A Preferred Blur, is at Musictoday and is ready for pre-order. I am flying to Virginia on Sunday and will be spending Monday and Tuesday signing and numbering all one thousand copies by hand. Basically, they will be leaving the table I am working at and going right into mailers.

The first edition of the book is different than the retail version. Besides the fact that I will be signing and numbering them, the limited edition features a color photo insert. This is the first time we have ever done this. The normal retail version will have black and white photos. The limited version has a black cover that matches the limited version of A Dull Roar, the retail version will have a green cover. The limited version is mail order only and will not be sold to retail outlets. The contents of both editions are the same, of course but if you want the signed, limited edition, this is the time to jump on it as they will go quickly.

I know I have told you all this too many times but A Preferred Blur is journal entries and travel stories from late 2006 to the last day of 2007. It takes in travel to Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, the benefit show I did with The Ruts in London and many other tales of jetlag and high adventures on the great seas of consequence.

For only $20 is well worth the read.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Octopus Samurai art print by Phineas X. Jones on sale details

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This thing is just amazing. Check out the printing process thread over at www.gigposters.com

Details from his website www.octophant.us and you can buy them there.

Feudal Japanese cephalopods is an idea he had been kicking around for a while. It started as this painting, turned into a failed Threadless submission and then other things, too. But now it's a screen print and you can have one if you act now!

Printed by Steve Walters at Screwball Press. (But I was totally there. I can prove it.)

Hand-printed edition of 180. Signed and numbered.

19" x 25" (483 mm x 635 mm)
French Construction Steel Blue 100lb Cover
Eight. Including two metallics that look much cooler in person than this photo can show.
$40 + Shipping
//SEO SCRIPT POWERED BY www.alltechbuzz.in