Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tonight's Pearl Jam Poster from Missoula by Ames Bros Vs Jeff Ament


Pearl Jam are in Missoula tonight for their final show of the year and the Ames Bros Vs Jeff Ament (yes that Jeff Ament) did the poster. Waiting on a better picture of the poster but it says VOTE with a combine in a field. The variation of the poster is silver instead of yellow behind the word VOTE

Winner of the blink 182 poster by Gregg Gordon of Gigart

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The random number generator has pick a winner for the Gregg Gordon blink 182 poster. It is comment #15 by Jeff. I need you to email me your address and then Gregg will be shipping your new blink 182 poster to you. My email is to the right at the top.

THANK YOU again to Gregg Gordon of Gigart for providing the rad poster for the giveaway. Even though you did not win you can still buy one of the posters since he has a few left in his store along with all the other cool looking posters he has created.

Jack White Radio City Music Hall New York City Poster by Rob Jones

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Well the Jack White show last night in New York city at Radio City Music Hall is being called the worst concert of the year if not ever. With what many are calling a bigger meltdown then Billy Joe of Green Day recently had, Jack got pissed off at the crowd asking them if it was a NPR convention and walked off after playing about 50 minutes. His was upset it seems with the crowd being rather boring and having no energy. In addition to the boos and shouts, rumors flew through the crowd.  Multiple people claimed Mr. White had several angry exchanges with a shirtless man in the front row. They said the man who provoked Mr. White’s ire was subsequently removed by security. Others claimed Mr. White shouted something before leaving the stage. People also witnessed multiple attendees angrily returning merchandise they had purchased at the show to the merchandise stands.

Rob Jones did the poster for show last night and tonight thanks to Michael one of my readers for sending me the image. Jack White is scheduled to play again tonight in what I'm sure will be an interesting evening.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

OPENINGS: Dead Rockstar Show Seattle Covered

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Last night saw the opening of Blunt Graffix Dead Rockstars Show in Seattle at Ltd Gallery. The Inside the Rock Poster Frame Street Team was there to bring you pictures.

 THREE DAYS ONLY- Opening Reception Friday September 28th 7pm; on Display until Sunday September 30th

The show featured work by Gum Ball, Isaac Bidwell, Barry Blankenship, Robert Marty Boe, Joshua Budich, Adam Michael Chavez, Brent Cheshire, Tim Doyle, Brian Ewing, Tim Jordan, Alex Kirzhner, Last Leaf, Zeb Love, AJ Masthay, Beery Method, Russ Moore, King Print, Lastleaf Printing, Christopher Shaw, Adam Smasher, Steve Walters, David Welker, Erica Williams, Evan Yardbrough, and more!

Ltd Gallery will put the remaining pieces up for sale on Monday

I have added a new tab above to view all the pictures from gallery shows and will be adding new ones as I cover them. Click the Coverage of Gallery Openings tab to see all the pictures from show.

World Premier Exclusive Tonight's blink 182 Poster by Munk One

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Blink 182 is playing their last concert of the year tonight in Las Vegas. With that the band and the fans are treated to what I think is best poster for blink 182 this year and it was created by Munk One. Numbered edition of 182 on sale at the show.

If you have not already be sure to enter the blink 182 poster giveaway HERE. One lucky person will score the Italy poster by Gregg Gordon

World Premier Exclusive Jack White Boston Poster by Todd Slater and Rob Jones


I have said it before and I'll say it again, I love my readers. Thanks to Ed in Boston for the shot of Jack White's Boston poster by none other than Todd Slater and Rob Jones. I must say it is really cool seeing the two of them finally getting back to collaborating on a poster. And of course you see it here first.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tonight's blink 182 poster from Las Vegas by Dabs Myla

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As the blink 182 tour comes to an end in Las Vegas kinda like summer is ending now as well, the boys are playing two shows this weekend. Dabs Myla did the poster for tonight's show and it is hand numbered in a series of 182 posters. Only 165 available to be sold.

 If you have not already be sure to enter the blink 182 poster giveaway HERE. One lucky person will score the Italy poster by Gregg Gordon

Dan McCarthy Print of the Month for September Weak September Sunlight On Sale

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Dan McCarthy has released his print for September and it is titled Weak September Sunlight. It is a 2 color screen print - 9" X 24"

Buy it HERE

Jay Ryan Andrew Bird and Cloud Nothings Posters on sale

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 This four-screen print works well on those hazy golden-hour evenings with the sun low in the sky, geese migrating overhead, as you rake leaves and wish someone would bring you some goddam coffee. Let's have a fire in the fireplace tonight, okay?
 andrew bird @ madison
with here we go magic
overture hall, madison, WI, 09/26/12
approximately 18 x 24 inches, printed on french kraft
four screens used
edition of 250, signed
The second best way to illustrate the concept of Autumn is through the visual depiction of Horses With Weird Riders. This print for Cloud Nothings works perfectly in that regard, and you are probably now considering buying some apple cider and a rake, and finding your scarf.

 cloud nothings
with chomp
lincoln hall, chicago, 09/19/12
approximately 18 x 24 inches, printed on french madero beach
five screens used
edition of 200, signed

Buy them at

Free Friday Poster Giveaway Featuring Gregg Gordon of Gigart and Blink 182


Couple of weeks ago Gregg Gordon said to me, "Hey lets do a giveaway of my Blink 182 Italy poster". I of course said hell yeah since I dig his work and thought well Blink 182 only has a couple of US dates left so... Let's do it this weekend when Blink 182 is in Las Vegas for the end of their tour.

Let's just hope the boys don't end the tour with a face plant. The poster is 18 x 24 signed and numbered artist edition from the Lucca Italy show this past summer.

Now go to the top of the post above the picture and click on comments or scroll down (depends on how you see this post) to leave a comment about blink 182 to have a chance at winning the poster. Don't worry if your comment does not appear immediately I have to approve them before they are published. I will use the random number generator to pick a winner. Entries are limited to ONE PER PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD. Please leave your name with the comment, comments without names will not be accepted. Entries will be accepted until midnight PDT Saturday September 29 that's two days to enter with the winner announced on Sunday.

Huge THANK YOU to Gregg Gordon for providing the rad poster for the giveaway. If you dont feel like waiting to see if you won he still has a few for sale on his site HERE and you can check out his other work too.

"London Burning" Joe Strummer Print by Erica Williams Release Details

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Line Art of the print

Those of us not going to the Dead Rockstars show in Seattle will be able to get Erica William's killer Joe Strummer poster on September 29 at around 3pm CDT. London Burning is a 5 color silk screen with a signed and numbered edition of 50 measuring 18 x 24. It was also printed by Ben Lafond at Burlesque of North America.

Buy it HERE on Saturday

Heads Up New Artist AMMO


 Be sure to click the pictures to enlarge them since there are so many I had to make them small so they would all fit in find out who AMMO is

To say my mind was blown when I saw the work of Ammo would be an understatement. Ammo is an artist from Brussels, Belgium and he does some really good work. If you have looked through the pictures I know what a lot of you are thinking, it looks like Aaron Horkey. In the conversations I have had with him before posting this yeah he admits that Aaron has had a huge influence on his work. He has shown Aaron his work and Aaron has encouraged him to keep growing. Ammo is trying to get away from Aaron's work and find his own way ! You can see from his latest work it is becoming more personal. 

Many of you know I have been on a rant lately about artist's that don't draw but simple manipulate images they find in photoshop and call it "art". I asked Ammo for original drawings of his work and you can see he can draw very well. 

He was recently featured by Juxtapoz magazine HERE. He is preparing for an exhibition in France right now, that is what the event poster above is for as well as the 2 Ways to Hell drawing that he is printing today in fact. 

He does have store with a bunch of gigposters for sale that are sweet.

Everything is on his site Be sure to look around at all his work I think you will dig it. He is a great illustrator and I'm looking forward to more work from him.

Tom Bagshaw Pandora Print On Sale Today

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1xRUN are excited to welcome back British artist Tom Bagshaw for his second RUN. His first piece All These Devils paid homage to a saintly sinner of the adult world, but here in his latest Tom pays homage to one of his favorite painters of the art world. Read on below for more on Pandora.

"It was created specifically for the Literal Eyes show at London Miles gallery, the show's theme was to pay homage to historical paintings that had been a personal inspiration. The only stipulation was that it should be a piece created before the WWII. I chose to do Dante Gabriel Rossetti's 'Pandora'. I saw the final painting first but it was one of his chalk drawings he produced that I really favoured. I saw this piece in an art history book when i was a child and really helped shape my love of figurative works and introduced me to the works of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood." - Tom Bagshaw

Pandora is 14 x 21 Inches Archival Pigment Print on 330gsm Fine Art Paper with a signed and numbered edition of 30

The framing option for this RUN includes a 1 Inch Black Frame with Archival Foamcore Backing, UV-Glass and Ready To Hang Hardware

On sale today at NOON EDT at

The Lumineers Poster by Justin Santora and a little Breaking Bad Art

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Justin Santora had the pleasure of doing a poster diptych for The Lumineers recent back-to-back sold out shows in Chicago.  Each poster is 18x24", 3 colors, and signed/numbered editions of 250 (though much less are available online).  They will be available as a set with matching edition numbers.  They will go on sale on his site tomorrow (Friday, September 28th) at 12 PM CST.

Additionally, he listed the original ink drawing for the Breaking Bad "Wayfarer 515" print on ebay.  Justin will be donating 100% of the proceeds from this auction to the Israel/Palestine chapter of Physicians For Human Rights, a non profit, non government organization that works to promote health care, solidarity, and non-violence in both Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.  Read more about them here.

Mono Denver Poster by Ryan Mowry

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Ryan Mowry was asked by the band Mono to do a poster for their show at the Larmier Lounge in Denver on Thursday Sept 27. The posters are 18x24, 3 color, edition of 130, and on french starch white paper. The band sold them at the show last night. But Ryan will be selling a limited amount via his etsy page( today Friday the 28th.

Check out his webpage for some process pics and notes on the creation of the poster

New Vintage Lunchbox canvases and Mystery Tubes from Ian Millard

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Ian Millard and Black Book Gallery are teaming up once again for a series of vintage lunchbox canvases. The first two canvases in the vintage series are a Star Wars lunchbox and a Masters of the Universe lunchbox. Each piece was created using 9 hand cut stencils and spraypaint. 18" x 24" stretched canvases are hand stenciled in a small edition of 15 pieces. Star Wars and Masters of the Universe will be available this Friday September 28th at Noon MST USA from Black Book Gallery in Denver, CO (online is offering a limited number of mystery tubes in 4 sizes.  Tubes will be filled with a random selection of prints from the archive.  Details are below.  Available Friday September 28th in the online store.

Mystery tube - Small - tube will contain at least 3 prints randomly selected by Ian  - $40 shipped
(4 available)

Mystery tube - Medium - tube will contain at least 5 prints randomly selected by Ian  - $60 shipped
(3 available)

Mystery tube - Large - tube will contain at least 8 prints randomly selected by Ian - $90 shipped
(2 available)

Mystery tube - Jumbo - tube will contain at least 12 prints randomly selected by Ian - $120 shipped
(1 available)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Look Miles Tsang Santigold poster On Sale Now

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Miles Tsang is back with another incredible poster, this time for Santigold.

Miles explains how he designed the poster:

I’ve been intrigued by Santi White since her days as Santogold upwards of four years ago (a litigious jewelry merchant by the same name forced the vowel switch) and was very glad to hear Master Of My Make Believe when it was released earlier this year. Taking cues from her imaginative aesthetic, welcoming indie rock leanings, and energetic feminine vibe, I implemented some classic Art Nouveau influence, placing her fashionable figure in an Alphonse Mucha and Aubrey Beardsley-esque frame, while making special efforts to balance the textures in her dress, skin, and hair. The final image is meant to seem individualistic, poised, and artistic, just like her music.

It’s 19″ x 25″ on Gold Parchtone paper, just like the previous Odd Future poster.
Full edition of 90, with around 60 for sale in his Etsy Store.