Monday, September 24, 2012

Maxx242 Blink-182 Artist Variant 20 Year Anniversary Poster #9 Release Details

For sale sometime between 11AM – 1PM PST September 24th!

12″ x 36″, 6 color screen print for Blink-182′s 20 Year Anniversary. Signed and numbered edition of 100 Artist Variant posters by Maxx242

Note from Maxx242: “Hello! Here is the print I did in honor of Blink-182′s 20 Year Anniversary! I was very happy to be a part of this series, so many great artist and such a great band! I’ve been a fan of theirs for a long time and was very fortunate to have a small part of their history – very small part that is :)

When I first got the invite to do this I decided I wanted to really go all out and give the Blink fans something special. I chose one of my favorite songs to base it off of, “I Miss You”. I also wanted to add something from their past so I chose to reference the Cheshire cat, which was their first major album release. Since then I’ve always felt that Blink had somewhat of an Alice in Wonderland feel. I wanted to somehow incorporate that as well since I love the Alice story. I chose the Disney version because I wanted to reference Jack Skelington in the art from the lyrics, so I wanted to keep it in the Disney family, plus I love Disney as well!

From top to bottom: the Cheshire cat is to commemorate their first album; the Jack moon is from the lyrics of the “I Miss You” song; the crow is from the video, but I added a dodo beak to go along with the Alice theme; the rabbit is Blink-182′s mascot, but again I drew it to go along with the Alice theme ; and the roses are from both the video and Alice; the girl is from the video, but again can be looked at as Alice; the spider is from the video and then you have the band in the background also from the video. So that is the story behind my piece, Hope you enjoy!

I want to thank and congratulate Blink-182 for an amazing 20 year run and for allowing me to draw this for them!!! Also everyone from the Blink camp that allowed for me to do this, thank you very much!!!” -Maxx24
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