Friday, September 21, 2012

Malt Battle Plan- A special online exhibition of art from 1xRUN

The idea for the "Chest Piece" series was more of a accident than anything to start out. I was painting an owl on a rolled steel door but wasn't digging the feathers in the center. Many attempts later I just decided to try to incorporate the texture of the door, painting each of the vertical lines in the center a solid color. which worked for me. So I decided to make a series out of it...The "Chest Piece" series. Also featured here are select works from my "Royal Blood" and "Greyscale" paintings. "Royal Blood" was the second installment of my "Acid Forest" series. The series covers a range of different characters from "The Entrance" which showcases the gatekeepers of the forest, so to speak, to "Sir Nolte The 3rd", who is the head honcho, and everyone in between. The "Greyscale" series followed my colorful "Royal Blood" pieces. With those pieces I wanted to strip the color and make the paintings work with a limited palette (minus the eyes) while still adding layers to create contrast and depth. Each and every piece is individually hand-painted with acrylic and spraypaint and comes framed and ready to hang." - Malt 

In total 22 new pieces of original art by Malt in Various Sizes Using Spray Paint + Acrylic Paintings On Cradled Wood will be featured today.

It all goes down at at NOON EDT

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