Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jack White Radio City Music Hall New York City Poster by Rob Jones

Well the Jack White show last night in New York city at Radio City Music Hall is being called the worst concert of the year if not ever. With what many are calling a bigger meltdown then Billy Joe of Green Day recently had, Jack got pissed off at the crowd asking them if it was a NPR convention and walked off after playing about 50 minutes. His was upset it seems with the crowd being rather boring and having no energy. In addition to the boos and shouts, rumors flew through the crowd.  Multiple people claimed Mr. White had several angry exchanges with a shirtless man in the front row. They said the man who provoked Mr. White’s ire was subsequently removed by security. Others claimed Mr. White shouted something before leaving the stage. People also witnessed multiple attendees angrily returning merchandise they had purchased at the show to the merchandise stands.

Rob Jones did the poster for show last night and tonight thanks to Michael one of my readers for sending me the image. Jack White is scheduled to play again tonight in what I'm sure will be an interesting evening.

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  1. the crowd was great.... high energy, most everybody was standing, shaking, and dancing thru out the show, - the show did end abruptly, kind of a bummer...