Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DEAD ROCKSTARS Seattle Show This Weekend

Erica Williams

Keith Neltner

Alex Kirzhner

Gumball Designs

Jason Dean

Joshua Budich

Matt Dye - Blunt Graffix

A Tribute to the Mortal Gods of Sound, Presented by Blunt Graffix

THREE DAYS ONLY- Opening Reception Friday September 28th 7pm; on Display until Sunday Septemeber 30th

Seattle, a city notorious for it's music, will be the new destination for the ongoing print series by Blunt Graffix: DEAD ROCKSTARS. Over 20 Print Artists have been brought together to pay tribute to the Mortal Gods of Sound. Featuring a one of a kind collection of hand-made silkscreen prints showcasing their favorite dead rockstars.

FEATURING: Gum Ball, Isaac Bidwell, Barry Blankenship, Robert Marty Boe, Joshua Budich, Adam Michael Chavez, Brent Cheshire, Tim Doyle, Brian Ewing, Tim Jordan, Alex Kirzhner, Last Leaf, Zeb Love, AJ Masthay, Beery Method, Russ Moore, King Print, Lastleaf Printing, Christopher Shaw, Adam Smasher, Steve Walters, David Welker, Erica Wiliams, Evan Yardbrough, and more!

More info at LTD Gallery

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