Friday, September 21, 2012

World Premier Exclusive Inglorious Basterds Movie Poster by Joshua Budich and There Will Be Blood

Spoke Art and the Castro Theatre and proud to present the final
installment in their QT vs PT series, a month long showing of films by
acclaimed directors Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson. To
celebrate both director's most recent masterpieces, the Castro will be
hosting a one-night only 35mm screening of Inglorious Basterds and
There Will be Blood, accompanied by a very special limited edition
print release set.

Designed by artists Joshua Budich and Brandon Schaefer, these two
screen prints will be made available today at 1pm PST via the Spoke
Art online store and in person this Sunday at the Theatre starting at
5:30pm. Some of you may have seen the There Will Be Blood poster yesterday, it escaped into the wild a little early.

Both prints come signed and numbered by the artists, both are limited
edition screen prints created in runs of only 100 copies each, and
both will be $40 a piece (a small number of discounted matching number
sets will be available.)

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  1. Fuck yes! I have been waiting for Budich to make this print, he has done a great job.