Monday, September 17, 2012

Old Towne Ghosts Limited Edition Vinyl Release Kickstarter Project with Aaron Horkey Art

Details from Old Towne Ghosts :

We've got an EP recorded and ready to go. We've got Aaron Horkey booked to do the art. Now we just need money to release it.

Hello everybody, we're Old Towne Ghosts.  Our videos might be on the comedic side, but we are serious about what we're doing.  We honestly want to produce an EP of which we can truly be proud.  We have everything written, recorded and ready to go.  We just need a bit of money to make the best release possible.

In order to best present our new EP, The Old Ones Are and Forever Shall Be, we want to release on vinyl.  Most of us have never had a chance to release on an actual record and to do that would be a chance to fulfill a dream that has lasted for well over a decade for most of us.  We have the plans, we have the vision, we have the technology - we just don't have the cash.

In all honesty, we could probably fit this all unto a 7", but we've got bigger and better plans than that.  As it turns out, we can fit the entire EP on one side of a 12" record and that leaves us with room for a great and creative idea.  If we can get enough money to reach our first stretch goal, we'll be able to use some of our connections to get silkscreened covers, colored vinyl AND a separate design [possibly] to use screen directly onto the second side of our EP.

Visit the Kickstarter Project HERE

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