Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ben H Summers Beats in My Brush Like Me! - Part 3 Print

Ben H Summers has released Part 3 of his ongoing Like Me Series and oh man I like it.  The depiction is intrinsically linked to Like Me! - Part 1 in that it's essentially a different view point within the same setting.

Ben on the Creative process :
The narrative of the piece once again shows the worship of an altar piece in a church setting. I've replaced the crucifix with the Facebook symbol to highlight questions about faith in this context. It is meant to be contentious yet at the same time I haven't strived to cause offense. Merely spark debate and discussion. For me Art should take on this role.

The characters sitting in the church pews some of which are turning around to face the viewer represent the Facebook "Likes" role in this scenario. They all have computer screens for heads. The ones that are facing the viewer show upside down "thumbs up" symbols. A clear statement that in this case you are not going to being "liked".

Limited to 12 high quality Giclée prints of the original drawing.
Each print is numbered, signed and dated. The artist signature is uniquely colored and located for each print, in addition to The Beats In My Brush stamp imprint also in the bottom right hand corner.
The Size is A1
H - 23.4" / W - 33.1" with a white border
Hi Res, Giclée print on matt 300 gm German Etching paper

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