Friday, September 28, 2012

Heads Up New Artist AMMO

 Be sure to click the pictures to enlarge them since there are so many I had to make them small so they would all fit in find out who AMMO is

To say my mind was blown when I saw the work of Ammo would be an understatement. Ammo is an artist from Brussels, Belgium and he does some really good work. If you have looked through the pictures I know what a lot of you are thinking, it looks like Aaron Horkey. In the conversations I have had with him before posting this yeah he admits that Aaron has had a huge influence on his work. He has shown Aaron his work and Aaron has encouraged him to keep growing. Ammo is trying to get away from Aaron's work and find his own way ! You can see from his latest work it is becoming more personal. 

Many of you know I have been on a rant lately about artist's that don't draw but simple manipulate images they find in photoshop and call it "art". I asked Ammo for original drawings of his work and you can see he can draw very well. 

He was recently featured by Juxtapoz magazine HERE. He is preparing for an exhibition in France right now, that is what the event poster above is for as well as the 2 Ways to Hell drawing that he is printing today in fact. 

He does have store with a bunch of gigposters for sale that are sweet.

Everything is on his site Be sure to look around at all his work I think you will dig it. He is a great illustrator and I'm looking forward to more work from him.


  1. he has a lot of skills, it's not easy to copy aaron horkey's style. wish him good luck!

  2. He's talented.
    Don't we already have Aaron Horkey here in America.

  3. Agreed.. hopefully with his amazing skill he can develop his own style.. these are amazing, but look way too much like Horkey

  4. You have used quite scary images here.