Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brian Ewing Swans Dallas Poster On Sale

Brian Ewing really went all out on this one and the results are just incredible. He did this poster for the recent Swans show in Dallas. It is 18 x 24 with an edition of 100 and it is screen printed and he hand drew all of it.

Brian on the creation of it :

I really enjoyed working on this project because I just needed to try something different with my approach to rock posters. It was a challenge that sometimes had me wishing a jet engine would fall on my studio. But it came together in the end. I’m happy with the final piece. I know a few of my friends didn’t understand what I was trying to tell them until they saw the print. I actually learned a few things about anatomy that I forgot 20 years ago. Plus the research was the most fun.

To see more pics and his talking about the process go HERE



  1. Cool poster...but why the hell did he call them "THE Swans" on the poster? That's like making a Radiohead poster and calling them "The Radiohead" as far as I'm concerned...or maybe I'm missing something?

  2. Probably because it was rushed out to exploit this new Bride trend that seems to be lingering

  3. Brian posted the wrong image on line. The correct image does not have the word "The" on the poster