Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Badass Prints from Jeral Tidwell Bali Skull and other stuff

 After a gozillion requests for more Bali prints, Jeral Tidwell gave in and now proudly offer a smaller, color variant version of the original art. This print is aprox 14x18 inches, 3 color screen print, signed and numbered edition of only 60 prints.

 Love Machine
Who doesn't have some crazy person they love? We all do! And what better way to show them than giving them a bad ass print that will probably give them a paper cut! hahaha This little print will put a smile on any face and probably help get you out of the dog house. Aprox 9.5x12 inches, 5 color screen print, signed and numbered edition of only 90 prints.

 What do you ride when your car is busted, your motorcycle is broken down, your bicycle has a flat... well.. your fuxin monocycle of course! If this doesn't make you happy, you may need to see a professional. aprox 18x24 inches, 6 color screen print, signed and numbered limited edition of only 100 prints.

 He also has a new set of brushes and some stickers for sale too. Buy them all HERE

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