Friday, September 30, 2011

Free Friday Poster Giveaway featuring Boss Construction ( the poster is Black Keys related)


One of the new artist I met at Flatstock in Chicago this past July that I really dug was Andrew Vastagh, aka BOSS CONSTRUCTION. Andy is a one man design, illustration & screen print show, based in Nashville, Tennessee. Andrew designs and prints all his posters by hand, personally.

Andy let me have his poster for Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. 2 colors on 100# Cougar Natural Cover 18x24. 'Keep It Hid' image underneath the black. Gotta see in person.

So go to the top of the post above the picture and click on comments to leave a comment to have a chance at winning the posters. Don't worry if your comment does not appear immediately I have to approve them before they are published. I will use the random number generator to pick a winner. Entries are limited to ONE PER PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD. Please leave your name with the comment, comments without names will not be accepted. Entries will be accepted until midnight Saturday October 1 PST that's two days to enter, with the winner announced on Sunday.

Thanks to Andy for the poster and be sure to check out his work at . That is one of the great things about going to Flatstock, meeting a new artist and seeing new work that is really good.

Godmachine 2001: A Space Odyssey movie poster on sale now

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Godmachine has created another unique poster and this time for the classic Stanley Kubrick movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. The print measures 23.4 X 16.5 inches and is a giclee. With an edition of only 40 and only 20 being for sale dont hesitate. On sale at a random time today.

Buy it HERE

The Last Blue Dress art print by Rene Gagnon on sale details

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Details from Rene:
I've been completely jammed for time trying to get this new venture to come together. Which is why print productions were put on hold. Although, I have had time to put together a 3 color print that has been kicking around for a few months. Donut Cop will also be
released at some point in a smaller edition for those who inquired. Just didn't have the time to hand finish the Donut Cop prints.

The Last Blue Dress will go on sale Friday, October 15, at NOON EST. Last Blue Dress has an edition of 50.

Looking forward to see what Rene has planned. He also has 2 originals from his Hood show from a few years back for sale right now.

Buy it at

Two new art prints from UNHUMAN Elvis and Freddie plus free t-shirt

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UNHUMAN has a couple of cool new art prints on sale and as a bonus you get a shirt with the image on it as well.

The details
TITLE: Elvis
STYLE: 3 color print on 300 grams white paper.
YEAR: 2011
SIZE: w 450 mm x h 320 mm
MEDIA - Giclee
PRICE - 50 euro ( shipping including worldwide )
EDITION: Strictly limited to only ten copies: # 10

TITLE: Freddie
STYLE: 4 color print on 300 grams white paper.
YEAR: 2011
SIZE: w 450 mm x h 320 mm
MEDIA - Giclee
PRICE - 50 euro ( shipping including worldwide )
EDITION: Strictly limited to only tencopies: # 10

Buy them HERE

Free Dexter Paper Toy from State of Shock Studio's

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State of Shock Studio's have made available a free Dexter paper the spirit of season 6 debuting Sunday. It has several different interchangeable outfits and accessories and is very easy to assemble.

Have a dark passenger? Want to set it on your desk?

Now you can with this FREE downloadable paper toy! Choose between work and play Dexter with 3 interchangeable outfits...easy to assemble.

Again it is free and available here:

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Exclusive Ashley Wood Print for 3A Legion at New York Comic Con 2011


Coming to New York Comic Con and available only at the 3A Legion booth #883 is this 14" x 18" inch 6 color silkscreened and letterpressed art print by Ashley Wood. Priced at $40 each, they will be numbered and stamped. They will be released Friday and Saturday - at the same time and date of the NYCC Zombs 3A figure release. Someone get me one please

Ian Millard Flutter Art Print on sale details

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The latest release from titled " Flutter". Flutter was created with 6 hand cut stencils and spraypaint on 11" x 14" Stonehenge paper. The print is limited to 6 signed and numbered pieces, each with a unique color scheme. You can see all the variations in the edition at the link below. Flutter will be available on Thursday September 29th at 10am Mountain Time USA at the online store.

Frankenstein movie poster by Drew Struzan On Sale details

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Tomorrow is the big day! Mondotees are finally releasing the 21 color Frankenstein poster by the legendary Drew Struzan! This poster is unreal in person and pictures cannot do it justice. D&L Screenprinting went all out to replicate Drew's original painting and Ken Taylor did a masterful job at laying in the text. Your chance to grab one of the beauties is tomorrow!

The poster is 15"x36" screen print. Hand numbered and signed by the artist. Edition of 325. 21 colors. $285

This poster will be for sale online at a random time on Friday, September 30th at

Brad Klausen Pearl Jam and Pangea Seed shark benefit poster on sale details

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Brad Klausen will have 3 new pieces of work on sale tomorrow at 10am PDT at his website

The Pattern of Peace

24" x 15.5", 6 colors (cyan is metallic)
signed and numbered out of 100 (only 75 available)
$35.00 plus shipping

This was for Pangea Seed's recent Sink or Swim show in San Francisco. Pangea Seed continues to work hard to bring more awareness and education about sharks and the grotesquely inhumane practice of shark finning.
For more info go to:

Pearl Jam Hamilton poster
16.75" x 24", 6 colors
signed and numbered out of 200
$60.00 plus shipping

Brad's copies were accidentally packed and sent along with all the show copies. So instead of sending his copies back to him from Canada and risk damaging
them all along the way, they sold his copies at the show and are having his copies reprinted. Brad thought the show posters printed a little dark, so luckily he'll be able to try and get the colors closer to how they should have printed(see image above).

The variant is blue and it is 16.75" x 24", 6 colors signed and numbered out of 20 (only 17 available)

Log into when the time is right to get yours tomorrow.

Adele Los Angeles Poster by Two Rabbits Studios on sale

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Forgot this one the other day when I posted about the EELS poster. Adele has risen from the veritable ashes of top 40. An angelic voice calling us out of so much auto-tuned muck! Two Rabbits created a great tribute to her and her old school class is this lovely little poster. Its humble at 11”x23” and only 2 colors (Orange and Black). Lovingly screened on a light, slightly green cover stock.

Buy it HERE

In the Sun art print by Marq Spusta on sale

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Marq Spusta was one of the artists asked to contribute to the EMP Museum Nirvana exhibit and In the Sun is the art print he created. 18″ x 24″ screen print. Artist Edition of 100 on green paper.

A few lucky customers will receive a rare variant with their order.

Buy it HERE

Warmer Air print by Jeremy Geddes

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Jeremy Geddes is working on a couple of new prints. Warmer Air shown above is a smaller than usual painting measuring measuring in at 37 x 58 cm and doesn't have quite the usual level of detail. It is also one of the last cosmonaut paintings he is planning on producing (there's one or two more in the pipeline), although future work should be evolution of those themes, rather than a radical departure.

Given so many people missed out on the last few prints, he'll be making this one available as a timed release, and as a mini print (similar in size to the Cluster Study), with the price as low as possible. It should mean that anyone who is interested in a cosmonaut print will be able to to grab this one.

Stanley Donwood's Radiohead Roseland poster on sale


Stanley Donwood did a poster for the Radiohead shows at Roseland Ballroom last night and tonight. These were the only posters sold at the show in four different colors. The picture above shows the one for sale at the show. The only one on his site is the green one. Produced in an edition of 44 prints, 'Roseland' is a two colour hand-pulled screenprint on 270gsm archival stock, printed at the Slowly Downward Manufactory.
The print is signed by Stanley Donwood, numbered and embossed with the Slowly Downward Manufactory stamp.

Buy it HERE

Jeff Soto's Shackled art print on sale now

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ALong with his Pearl Jam poster going on sale Jeff Soto dropped a little surprise with a new art print titled Shackled. It is a 20" x 30" giclee on white archival paper. It is a signed and numbered edition of 50 and comes a with signed and numbered COA.

Buy it HERE

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tonight's Radiohead poster from New York by Emek


Radiohead is at the legendary Roseland Ballroom in New York City for two shows and Emek did the poster for the shows. Very cool looking poster that glows in dark as well. On sale details to follow.

UPDATE 8:30PM Report from a friend at the show is these are not for sale at the show. Only a Stanley Donwood poster in your choice of 4 different colors.

Logan's Run movie poster by Tim Doyle on sale today

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I showed you first, Tim Doyle's Logan's Run movie poster for Tommy Good HERE. Now the day has come and the Sandmen are letting Tommy Good release Tim's brilliant new poster.

Logan’s Run regular edition (Red Background)
6 color screen print
100 lb cougar white stock
Artist signed & hand numbered
Edition of 200
Printed by Nakatomi Inc

Logan’s Run variant edition (Purple Background)
6 color screen print
Curious Metallic Ice Silver 111 lb stock paper
Artist signed & hand numbered
Edition of 60
Printed by Nakatomi Inc

Sometime today in the afternoon on the west coast Tommy Good will put the posters on sale. Join the Tommy Good Mailing List HERE and follow Tommy Good on Twitter to know when they go on sale.

All Tomorrow’s Parties USA poster by Shepard Fairey on sale details

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You first saw this poster on the blog way back in February. Finally Shepard Fairey is putting it on sale since the event is this weekend. The poster is 18 x 24 inches screen print, Signed and Numbered Edition of 600.

On sale Thursday 09-29-2011 at a random time at

EELS poster by Two Rabbits Studios on sale now

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EELS is a one man musical monster. His beard and glasses are as iconic as his music. So Two Rabbits wanted to pay homage to the man behind the myth with this poster. This 3 color treasure is printed on 100# Cougar natural, and comes signed and numbered as an edition of 29. Standard frame size of 18”x24”

Two Rabbits EELS poster is finally available in their STORE! This is one of their favorite posters they have done this year. Pictures cannot do it justice, it looks so much better in person! Pick one up HERE.

USED Commemorative Edition - art prints by Jermaine Rogers on sale details

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The prints listed below become available here starting Friday, September 30 at 3PM EASTERN; NOON PACIFIC.
First come / first served. No holds, hook-ups, or reservations. One per buyer.

- 'USED' (Commemorative Edition) Art Print -
The 'USED' Commemorative Edition art print measures approx. 24x16 in. and is printed on French Speckletone Madera stock. From a signed and numbered edition of only 100. ONE PER BUYER. First come / first served. PLEASE NOTE: Only a limited number of these prints will be made available to the public. $50 USD each, plus shipping/handling.

- 'USED' (Commemorative Edition) Art Print LASER FOIL -
Printed on holographic laser foil stock. From a signed and numbered edition of only 20. ONE PER BUYER. First come / first served. $100 USD each, plus shipping/handling.

September 2011 marks the 20th anniversary of a pretty special album in rock and roll history. Jermaine explains:

'When a young band from Seattle unleashed their second album onto the world, everyone took notice. An entire generation responded to a voice that 'came from you and me.' I remember the first time I heard a track from that record: I was in a used bookstore on a Thursday evening, buying a book about Jack Davis (the EC Artist.) The radio in the store was tuned to Rice University radio (KTRU): they used to play an amazing hardcore show on Thursday evenings. The DJ mentioned that he was about to play a song from the new Nirvana record. I'd heard the band before and liked them, though me and my pals back then felt the cream-of-the-Sub-Pop-crop was Mr. Mark Arm and the mighty Mudhoney. Anyways, the DJ played 'Lounge Act'....& everyone in the store (it was a pretty eccentric clientele) was nodding their heads to the music. I remember a guy who was wearing a Cure shirt asking the guy at the counter, 'Who is that?'. Remember thinking to myself, 'Wow. It's a 'Pop' song!'. I guess I was hooked right there. Eventually, the mainstream media realized that there was a huge segment of the population who preferred an 'alternative'...& they provided a full array of 'also-rans', as they are prone to do.

Sure, no one's saying that Nirvana was responsible for everything that happened post-1991: there were tons of bands and various record labels, scores of little punk-pop records and amazing shows which provided an intricate 'root system' of sorts...for the tree that would soon sprout up and proclaim itself as 'the new sound.' Still, you gotta admit that this band, & in particular the songwriting on that record, cast an intimidating shadow over the world of popular music and set a new standard that few could measure up to...then and now. Not bad for a guy who hated himself and wanted to die.

When Jermaine first released the 'Used' art print back in 2004, it was immediately snatched up by collectors. He originally created the print to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of KC's death. Now, on this 20 year anniversary of the seminal piece of work that most defined him, he wanted to release this variant, sporting a warm color palette different from the cool blues and teals of the regular version. So many people have gone in circles trying to find this print, so he feels it's also a little gift from him to you.'

Remember, both editions become available this Friday at 3pm Eastern at while supplies last.

"We're Still Here" Print and Canvas Release Info by Freed

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"We're Still Here" by Freed is a 24" x 18" screen print, with a run of 75. The print is $50 and will be released on Wednesday, September 28 at 3 PM EST at

Details from Freed:

We're Still Here is based on a photo I saw of two soldiers spraying a wall in Iraq. We are at the point right now in our country that the economy has gotten so bad, it has consumed nearly everyone. The “Support Our Troops” stickers have faded and the outcry to bring our soldiers home has died to a murmur. The mainstream media has moved on, relaying news only when there is a tragedy in which American lives have been lost. The fact is that over 125.000 troops are still in Iraq and Afghanistan – and the conditions they live with day in and day out are extremely dangerous. These soldiers, and the ongoing sacrifices made not only by the soldiers themselves, but also by their families, should not be forgotten.

Coinciding with the release of the print, a canvas (acrylic and spray paint) edition of 5 will also be released. The canvas edition is 30" x 24" and will be $250.

This will be the last print that will allow for people to join the First Hour Print Club. One becomes a member by simply purchasing a print. Members have already received either a free screen print or an original piece of art – or both. There is still a free screen print coming around Christmas time – this print will be exclusive to members. All prints and originals are offered to members of the First Hour Print Cub prior to the public drop.

The original "I Want To Believe" canvas - featuring a faceless child - will be given away to someone who buys either a print or canvas. The winner will be chosen from the mailing list, so please sign up if you haven't already.

Buy them at today

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tonight's Primus poster from Albany New York by Zombie Yeti aka Jeremy Packer


Silver Variant

Zombie Yeti created the poster for the Primus show tonight in Albany New York as well as some of the merchandise for the tour. If you are not familiar with his work check it out at The regular edition is 150 signed and numbered and the silver paper variant is 20 S/N. He will have some on sale tomorrow at a random time at

Soundgarden Los Angeles poster by Emek on sale details

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The mighty grunge pioneers, Soundgarden, celebrated their 27th anniversary as a band by doing a big tour this year. Emek was asked to make the poster for the LA show...
size 18x24
signed, numbered, embossed, and doodled
glow in the dark silkscreen
Edition of 100
$50 plus shipping

On sale at this Wed. September 28th at 12:00 noon Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Pearl Jam Montreal poster by Jeff Soto on sale details

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Jeff Soto has been over in France tearing it and painting murals for the past couple of weeks and could not launch the sale for his stunning Pearl Jam Montreal posters. So now that he is back they'll go up this week on consecutive days- for people that would like to try for both.

Purple color way- Regular edition
Available Wednesday, September 28, 2011, noon California time
Signed and numbered artists edition of 100 (less will be available)
$65 + shipping

Variant Green color way
Available Thursday, September 29, 2011, noon California time
Signed and numbered artists edition of 20 (less will be available). Super rare...
$120 + shipping

Buy them at

*** Please welcome my newest sponsor RAMP Gallery ***

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Please give a warm welcome to the newest sponsor on Inside The Rock Poster Frame, RAMP Gallery. Their website is

I highly/strongly recommend checking out RAMP Gallery's website. They have an enormous amount of original Rock, Alternative, Metal and Punk concert flyers and posters from around 1985 to current. There is a large focus on the Northwest scene, particularly with respect to the flyers. These flyers include a huge selection of late 80's/early 90's Seattle and Portland bands and shows. The site also features many larger format silkscreen posters from a huge roster of artists, and that cover the U.S. and parts of Europe. Virtually the entire collection of flyers came directly from the artists personal collections - I have never seen a collection from this era as large as this (I know a friend of mine who will be jealous when he see's it). The total number of available works is in excess of 5000 pieces. The real treat is the large number of original paste-ups from artists such as Mike King; an amazing Portland-based poster designer, Jeff Kleinsmith of Sub Pop records and Patent Pending, and a few from Jim Blanchard who produced some great flyers (and still does). It is difficult to find most of the art on the site anywhere else (impossible to find some of it), and most of the early flyers and many of the posters really are quite rare, so get 'em now, and please share this site with others, before they become out of reach for most of us (It is interesting that Christie's and Southeby's are rumored to be showing an increased interest in band flyers from the era represented). From Nirvana, Tad, Screaming Trees, Pixies and Poison Idea, to Wolfmother, Modest Mouse, Queens of the Stone Age and Pearl Jam; Move over classic rock posters - a new generation of poster collectors are moving in, and focused on the alternative scene that became so popular beginning in the late 80's.

So head over to and prepare to have your mind blown.

Confidence art print by Italian graffiti artist Peeta

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Manuel di Rita aka Peeta is an Italian artist born in a small town near Venice, Italy. In the early 90's he took on the moniker Peeta within the Italian graffiti scene, as his craft evolved, he joined the Paduan EAD crew and became one of the area's most well respected artists.

Confidence is a great example of Peeta's style. The colors create a bold, vibrant image and Peeta's use of shading and shapes creates the illusion of 3-D sculpture occupying a 2-D space. The illusion he creates with paint is something only a master could accomplish. Peeta's work intersects the line of beautiful, fine art, and gritty street influences. The reproduction of "Confidence" explodes on the paper as perfect sample of Peeta's talent.

All prints are Signed & Numbered by the Artist and come with a Certificate of Authenticity from 1xRUN.

Buy it at

Swans poster by Angry Blue on sale now

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As someone who has two Bearded Dragons I was stoked to see the first drawings Justin was doing for this poster since it features his Dragon Monsta.

The posters are signed & numbered and are approximately 18x24/5-color screenprint limited to a run of 160. The white is pearlescent. They are only $30.

Buy it at

Quentin vs. Coen Round Three: Los Angeles by Spoke Art

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Oliver Barrett

Cate Rangel

Spoke Art is very proud to announce the third and final round of our nationally touring art show, 'Quentin vs. Coen.'

Following huge turnouts in New York City and San Francisco, 'QvC' is making its way down the pop culture mecca of the world, Los Angeles.

On Saturday, October 1st and Sunday, October 2nd, SoCal residents will finally get their chance to see the hundred-plus collection of original paintings, sculpture, and limited edition prints in person at the Beyond Eden Art Fair in East Hollywood.

For more information on the fair, directions and hours, please visit the Beyond Eden website:

To RSVP for the event, please visit the Facebook event page:

Admission is free

If you would like to receive a preview of the original works from the show, please visit the Spoke Art website and shoot them an email and they'll put you on the collector list.

Identity Crisis and Killer Instinct by Armando Chainsawhands on sale details

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Armando Chainsawhands will be releasing two new art prints on Thursday, September 29 at 12 noon Central Daylight Time. He will be releasing his two mini prints, Identity Crisis and Killer Instinct- each design a screen print on a vintage 1960s Superman Action Comics page, complete with yellowed paper and staple holes.

Each design is $15 and from a limited edition of 50 prints. A small number of sets will be available for $20.

Check them out at under the Prints section.

Also The Artpocalypse is here.

Opening Friday, October 7 at Nevermind Gallery in St. Paul, Minnesota, Bipolar will be Armando's first solo art show. Featuring new works on canvas, wood, and paper, it will be a chance to see what he has been up to the past few months, which includes learning the fine art of screen printing.

So if you're in the area stop in and check it out