Tuesday, September 27, 2011

*** Please welcome my newest sponsor RAMP Gallery ***

Please give a warm welcome to the newest sponsor on Inside The Rock Poster Frame, RAMP Gallery. Their website is www.RampGallery.com

I highly/strongly recommend checking out RAMP Gallery's website. They have an enormous amount of original Rock, Alternative, Metal and Punk concert flyers and posters from around 1985 to current. There is a large focus on the Northwest scene, particularly with respect to the flyers. These flyers include a huge selection of late 80's/early 90's Seattle and Portland bands and shows. The site also features many larger format silkscreen posters from a huge roster of artists, and that cover the U.S. and parts of Europe. Virtually the entire collection of flyers came directly from the artists personal collections - I have never seen a collection from this era as large as this (I know a friend of mine who will be jealous when he see's it). The total number of available works is in excess of 5000 pieces. The real treat is the large number of original paste-ups from artists such as Mike King; an amazing Portland-based poster designer, Jeff Kleinsmith of Sub Pop records and Patent Pending, and a few from Jim Blanchard who produced some great flyers (and still does). It is difficult to find most of the art on the site anywhere else (impossible to find some of it), and most of the early flyers and many of the posters really are quite rare, so get 'em now, and please share this site with others, before they become out of reach for most of us (It is interesting that Christie's and Southeby's are rumored to be showing an increased interest in band flyers from the era represented). From Nirvana, Tad, Screaming Trees, Pixies and Poison Idea, to Wolfmother, Modest Mouse, Queens of the Stone Age and Pearl Jam; Move over classic rock posters - a new generation of poster collectors are moving in, and focused on the alternative scene that became so popular beginning in the late 80's.

So head over to www.RampGallery.com and prepare to have your mind blown.

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