Thursday, September 29, 2011

Brad Klausen Pearl Jam and Pangea Seed shark benefit poster on sale details

Brad Klausen will have 3 new pieces of work on sale tomorrow at 10am PDT at his website

The Pattern of Peace

24" x 15.5", 6 colors (cyan is metallic)
signed and numbered out of 100 (only 75 available)
$35.00 plus shipping

This was for Pangea Seed's recent Sink or Swim show in San Francisco. Pangea Seed continues to work hard to bring more awareness and education about sharks and the grotesquely inhumane practice of shark finning.
For more info go to:

Pearl Jam Hamilton poster
16.75" x 24", 6 colors
signed and numbered out of 200
$60.00 plus shipping

Brad's copies were accidentally packed and sent along with all the show copies. So instead of sending his copies back to him from Canada and risk damaging
them all along the way, they sold his copies at the show and are having his copies reprinted. Brad thought the show posters printed a little dark, so luckily he'll be able to try and get the colors closer to how they should have printed(see image above).

The variant is blue and it is 16.75" x 24", 6 colors signed and numbered out of 20 (only 17 available)

Log into when the time is right to get yours tomorrow.

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