Saturday, August 31, 2013

Blink 182 Calgary Poster by Mike Cooney World Premier Exclusive

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Blink 182 are kicking off their 12 date September tour at the Fort Calgary X-Fest in Canada tonight and of course they have cool poster to mark the occasion. The poster is done by Mike Cooney and it is limited to 182 numbered posters that will be on sale at the show.

On sale now

Phish Commerce City Posters by Ken Taylor

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Night 1

Night 2

Phish is wrapping up their supper tour with three sold out nights at Dicks Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City Colorado this weekend and Ken Taylor has created a epic triptych poster set. The posters are an edition of 800 for each night and look incredible.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Star Wars A New Hope Dave Perillo Free Friday Poster Giveaway


Summer is winding down and I have had some incredible giveaway's just this month alone. This holiday weekend is Labor Day, since I know a lot of you labor over the F5 key on drops I got a special giveaway this weekend for you. When the folks at Acme Archives contacted me about doing a giveaway with them I was pretty excited. I got really excited when they suggested one of Dave Perillo's Star Wars posters. First one I asked for was Dave's Star Wars A New Hope.

Now the regular edition of 250 sold out with a swiftness as most of you know. This edition Acme were kind enough to provide is the Printers Proof, that has an edition of only 25 signed and numbered by Dave Perillo. The poster is also 12 x 36 inch silk screen.

Now go to the top of the post above the picture and click on comments or scroll down (depends on how you see this post) to leave a comment about your favorite Star Wars character (comments with Jar Jar Binks will not be accepted) to have a chance at winning the posters. Don't worry if your comment does not appear immediately I have to approve them before they are published. I will use the random number generator to pick a winner. Entries are limited to ONE PER PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD. Please leave your name with the comment, comments without names will not be accepted. Entries will be accepted until Midnight Pacific Daylight Time PDT Sunday September 1 that's almost three days to enter with the winner announced on Monday.

Much Love and Thank You to Acme Archives for providing this incredible giveaway to you my faithful readers, get on the mailing list to see all the good stuff they release.

Tim Armstrong Step Down Print Release Details

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Poster Child Prints presents the seventh exclusive limited edition print from their latest series with Tim Armstrong ! "Step Down" is based on original artwork Tim created for his project, Tim Timebomb & Friends. These hand-pulled silkscreen prints are crafted in Los Angeles using the finest paper and archival inks. Prints are limited and once they sell out they will not be reproduced! All prints are signed by Tim Armstrong, numbered and exclusive to PCP, validated by a certificate of authenticity.

Step Down
12 x 12 inches. Limited Edition of 150

Prints will be available on Friday August 30th, 2013, at 10AM PDT.
They can be purchased directly on the PCP website:

Tim Armstrong on the song that inspired this print :

I bought Sick Of It All’s first seven inch back in the late 1980s, and ever since then I’ve just always loved their unique style.

After listening to their music, and keeping up to date with what they were doing, I wrote some letters to the band, and Rancid ended up playing with them for the first time in 1993 at City Gardens in Trenton, NJ, and we’ve remained friends ever since.

Last month I saw SOIA play in Quebec, and they are as strong as ever. Simply put, they’re just built to last, and they’re still one of my favorite bands.

Here’s our take on one of their classics, “Step Down”.

Jay Ryan The Rabble Print Release Details

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Jay Ryan has a great new print going on sale today titled The Rabble. As with all of Jay's prints they are family friendly and would look great on any wall in your home.

The Rabble is 8 x 28 inches of silk screened Bird Machine magic with a signed and numbered edition of 330.

On sale now at

Askew Entropy Gallery Show Pictures & Art Sale

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Last Friday night New Zealand urban artist Askew opened his first ever international solo exhibition Entropy at Inner State Gallery in Detroit, Michigan. ASKEW is recognized worldwide for his unique approach to graffiti art and remains at the forefront of the international art scene through constantly exploring new and exciting styles in a world of imitators.

Through this new body of work "Entropy" further refines Askew's unique method of portraiture where the medium and portrait's subject become a metaphor for a much bigger conversation. The portrait is the closed-system device used to represent the formation of immense entities of barely contained energy that have reached an entropic state, only moments from encountering a cataclysmic event. It is a discussion about formation, existence and more specifically the fragility of all things - our incessant quest for balance and harmony in any society, when all things eventually deteriorate or revert to a state of chaos.

This body of work was one of the most unique displays of his talent yet, reverse painting the work on plexiglass ( that is why there is so much reflection on the pictures).  He painted the images and then when he was finished applied black paint over them so when viewed they look like they are on a black canvas. Really is an amazing amount of work to create the depth in reverse and to have it look so good.

Today at NOON EDT will be selling the remaining pieces from the show.

To see the rest of the image from the show click the Coverage of Gallery Openings tab at the top.

Also while he was in Detroit Askew painted a huge mural in tribute to Nekst who passed away last year. The paint he used had been left in Revok's studio since Nekst had acquired it when he was in Detroit last.

The Hulk Print by Jason Stillman Release Details

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Metro Orange Art has released a new print by Jason Stillman. The print is 11 x 14 museum quality German Etching on on 100% Cotton Rag Paper.

Buy it

Robert Bowen Zebra Keeper Print

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Robert Bowen just put a new print on his site called "The Zebra Keeper"
It is 12x22" $45, Printed with archival inks on acid free velvet cotton rag paper and a limited edition of 50.

This past Saturday, August 24th, Robert did an in store print release of his Zebra Keeper painting along with a day-long live painting session. The remainder of the prints are now online and available for purchase.

Buy them at 

Justin Santora Chicago Series Prints & Shirts at Flood Gallery

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Justin Santora recently worked with The Flood Gallery in London to produce a series of t shirts based on drawings of his. He also made miniature screen prints of each image.

The shirts are printed on high quality non-sweatshop garments and are available in sizes S, M, L, and XL.

The Chicago Series prints are screenprinted and approximately 10x13", from a signed/numbered edition of 190, and hand printed in Chicago. Both the shirts and prints are available now:

If you're in the London area, Justin has lots of new and recent work on display at Flood Gallery this and next month (including a few original ink drawings).

Launch Music Festival Poster by Jason Malmberg

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Jason Malmberg designed this screenprint for the Launch music festival in Northern California.

As this poster is merchandise to be sold at the event, he decided to take it a different direction than merely listening the band names. Each act is represented by a pictogram of its name. Some are easy, some are puns, some are really obscure.
 The poster is 18x24 with an edition of 250.

The lineup is listed at to give you some clues. 
If you want to see more of Jason's work you can do so at
Any remaining posters will be sold at the festival website. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Russ Moore Drifiting Into Darkness Print Release Details

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Russ Moore’s next entry in his line of Sold-Out Video Game inspired prints, “Drifting Into Darkness” goes on sale THIS TUESDAY September the 3rd at 2PM Central Time. You can see the previous entries HERE and HERE.and HERE.

This 7-color 18×24 hand-printed silkscreen poster features a split fountain, and is signed and numbered by Russ in an edition of 150. Nakatomi will also have a variant edition printed on metallic ice-gold Curious brand paper, with metallic gold Lava- in an edition of only 30, pictured above! Please note- the actual paper will have a golden sheen to its pearlescent shine!

Both prints will be on sale HERE at 2pm Central in the Nakatomi Store on Tuesday. Have your clicky fingers ready- the last couple were crazy blow-outs, and Nakatomi expect site traffic to be heavy, so bear with them and be patient !

JC Richard Prometheus Poster & How Time Slips Away Print Release Details

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Last month I showed you JC Richard's print for July How Time Slips Away, rather appropriate title since JC has found the time now to put them up for sale (Better to be busy then not).  Also on Friday he will be selling his Prometheus movie poster he made for Mondo. These a maybe a few others will be on sale Friday at 2pm EDT at

James Eads We Call This Home Now Print Release

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James Eads has released another great print, We Call This Home Now. The print measures 12 x 18 and it is high quality giclee print on archival Moab Entrada paper. Printed in a limited edition of 75 and hand signed and numbered. And if being James has sold out the past three prints he released you better get this one while you can because I'm sure it will sell out like the others.

Buy it at

Crosshair Poster Mystery Tube Sale, New Posters and other goodies

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Crosshair Summer 2013 $40 Mystery Tube Sale
Each mystery tube will include five prints drawn from the vast Crosshair archive. These will include lightly abused/scratched/dented posters and art prints of all sorts, surplus inventory, retired display copies, mostly though not exclusively editioned with some monoprints, surprise cherries & rarities thrown in. Those of you who've grabbed a Crosshair mystery tube before know that this is no turkey dump... it's a VALUE dump. And, one that you'd best jump on because quantities are limited.

Jason Isbell Austin City Limits poster
Crosshair is honored to have been commissioned by Austin City Limits to produce the official poster for (Drive-by Truckers frontman) Jason Isbell's live show taping, August 19th, as part of ACL's 39th season. Most went to members of the studio audience but they have a handful available.
7-color silkscreen print
s/n edition of 175, 17.5 x 23"

Virtue Cider "The Ledbury" poster
Virtue Cider is a Michigan-based producer of fine artisanal ciders, founded by former Goose Island brewmaster Gregory Hall. Virtue has commissioned Crosshair to produce a poster to celebrate the release of The Ledbury, an English-style medium cider named in honor of the town.
6-color silkscreen print
s/n edition of 125, 23 x 17.5"

Crosshair Royal Pint Glasses
Dan has been wanting to make these forever. I got one and I will say they are great and dishwasher safe. It's been through the dishwasher 10 odd times and the logo is not coming off

Somehow, stingy bar owners have managed to convince the American public that 16oz. is a pint. 16oz. might be a pint of yogurt or chicken broth, but it is NOT a pint of beer. As anyone who has been to the UK and ordered a pint can tell you, a pint is 20oz. Anything less = not a pint.  Dan at Crosshair loves beer, and wants to see this great injustice set to rights. So he gives you, new for 2013, the Crosshair Royal Pint Glass.  No 16oz. thimble here. This is the real deal: a classic English-style 20oz. pint glass emblazoned with the Crosshair water tower logo.  Sold in sets of 2 for only $12 plus shipping.*

Everything can be purchased in the Crosshair store HERE

Kevin Tong Beyond Good & Evil and Eagle Has Landed Poster Release Details

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Kevin Tong has two great looking posters going on sale today. If his first print for Friedrich Nietzsche (Thus Spoke Zarathustra) didn’t tip you off, KEVIN IS A NIETZSCHE FAN. “Beyond Good and Evil” is his follow up for the book of the same title.

 This handsome poster is a 4 color screen print with metallic inks on 12 x 36 inch 100 lb Cream Cover paper in a signed and numbered edition of 200. It’s available for sale at his online store starting at a random time on 8/29/13.

Click to enlarge this, it's sweet

“The Eagle Has Landed” which was part of “SPACE! The Gallery Show” at Gallery 1988 on July 20, 2013. The subject, the Apollo 11 Mission that put the first men on the moon, seemed fitting since the show was around the time of the 44th Anniversary of that momentous occasion.

The design of the poster is an info graphic the highlights key moments in the mission timeline. Countless hours were spent poring over pages of mission logs and data to pick out the best moments and information to present. All in all, almost 100 unique facts are depicted on this poster, most in chronological order to present the best idea of the precision and heroism required by that mission.

 5, count em, 5 color screen print on 12 x 36 inch 100 lb Cream Cover Paper in a signed and numbered edition of 100. It’s available for sale at his online store starting at a random time on 8/29/13.

Jay Shaw I Declare War Poster Release Details From Mondo

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Mondo will release Jay Shaw's poster for the brand new Drafthouse Films release, I DECLARE WAR today.

In case you haven't heard of the film, here is a synopsis:"Armed with nothing more than twigs, their imaginations and a simple set of rules, a group of 12-year-olds engaged in a lively game of Capture the Flag in the neighborhood woods start dangerously blurring the lines between make-believe and reality."

Jay's art pays homage to some iconic war movie imagery, while joyfully playing with the childish innocence captured in the film.

This poster will be available online at a random time on Thursday, August 29th

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pearl Jam Chicago Munk One Dabs Myla Mural Poster Release Details

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Pearl Jam Wrigley Field Chicago Mural Print
Based on a Live Art Collaboration by Artists Dabs Myla and Munk One

Last month Artists Dabs Myla and Munk One were invited to paint a mural during the historic July 19th Pearl Jam concert at Wrigley Field located in Chicago, IL. This print commemorates that wonderful concert and collaboration.

*Official Release date* Thursday August 29th, 2013 at 10am PST

6 Color screen print with clear overlay in the shape of rain drops over sections of the art. (This epic show was delayed 3 hours due to severe weather)

12 x 26 screen print S/N AP Edition of only 200 Available Worldwide

100 Odd Numbers Signed and Numbered by Munk One
Will be Available @

100 Even Numbers Signed and Numbered by Dabs Myla
Will be Available @

Check out the time lapse video of the painting

BASK David & Goliath Print Release Details

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1xRUN are excited to welcome back BASK as he joins them for his first Birthday RUN! Since their inception BASK has been a fixture at 1xRUN and never one to remain still Bask has brought a piece that was finished just last weekend. This time around the Florida-native has turned his focus to the classic tale of David & Goliath tale as he celebrates another year.

"This piece is in the same tone of the work I've been making this year. I have been inspired by man's potential to overcome hardships. Whether it is facing your personal demons to drawing inspiration from Friedrich Nietzsche's theories about the √úbermensch.This latest piece titled, David and Goliath, draws from a similar well. The story of David & Goliath focuses on the underdog that overcame what others thought to be an impossible battle to win. The idea of revolting against the status quo.

The original piece is all hand painted using discarded paint, found objects and cheap brushes. I find that working with imperfect mediums gives my work a ratty, unpolished look I strive for. I wanted this painting to look as though it was cut out of a larger piece on a random back ally wall. The work pushes past the edges to highlight that the full story is beyond just the images within the painting." - Bask

You will have you choice of 2 editions, the regular is a signed and numbered edition of 75. There is also a hand embellished edition of 20

Both editions and the original painting go on sale Tuesday at NOON EDT at

Handiedan Cosmos No.2 & Quantumverse Print Release

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Handiedan's Cosmos No.2 was first exclusively released and available at the 'HEY! Modern Art & Pop Culture II' exhibition in Museum Halle St. Pierre in Paris (January - August 23 2013). It is based on the collage artwork 'Cosmos No.2' ( that was on view during the HEY! exhibition.
Now, after the show came to an end the remaining prints are available online at and

Cosmos No.2
Art print
315 gsm Innova Smooth Cotton Natural White
15.5 x 18.25" / 39,5 x 46,7 cm (image size)
16.5 x 19.75" / 42 x 50 cm (paper size)
Signed and numbered
Edition size: 50

And a new art print, for the drawing on old sheet music lovers:

Art print
315 gsm Innova Soft Textured Natural White
11.75" x 14.75" / 29,7 x 37,5 cm
Signed and numbered
Edition: 30

Disney Duck Tales Posters from Mondo Phantom City Creative and DKNG plus more

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Add Scrooge by DKNG

Scrooge Variant by DKNG

Nephews by Anne Benjamin, featuring Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

DuckTales by JJ Harrison, featuring – well – everyone.

Magica De Spell by Phantom City Creative

Magica De Spell Variant by Phantom City Creative

DUCKTALES was not only the guys at Mondo's favorite part of the DISNEY AFTERNOON (come on, it easily had the best theme song), but it was also one of their favorite video games for the NES. With DUCKTALES: REMASTERED, Capcom and Disney Interactive have upgraded the classic game they loved so much with incredible new animation and voice-acting from the original cast.

Mondo are very excited to release a series of brand new posters by JJ Harrison, Anne Benjamin, Phantom City Creative and DKNG celebrating the proud inhabitants of Duckburg.

For more information, please visit Oh My Disney.

These posters will be available online at a random time on Wednesday, August 28th at