Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Blaine Fontana – Fernwoods Keeper Print on SALE NOW

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Blaine Fontana gained a following for his graceful renditions of nature especially his paintings of Koi. At some point he moved away from painting the distinctive fish, though this did not diminish demand for these images. At the repeated request of collectors, Blaine has just released his Fernwoods Keeper print – measuring a large 24” x 24” in a signed and numbered edition of 250 for $60 each.

Sam Flores Dragon print on sale NOW !!!

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As I first reported on HERE Sam Flores newest print Dragon Tree is on sale at Upper Playground

In conjunction with his latest show, Sam Flores releases Dragon Tree-- a print that depicts the classic struggle between light and dark.
According to Sam, this girl is trying to hide the last beautiful thing left in her world. But if you look closely at the art, you will see that something sinister has just found her.

Poster is 12 colors, screenprinted, on 100lb cover stock. There is a limited run of 50, and all prints all signed and numbered.


Print measures 18 inches tall x 18 inches wide

Printed by Burlesque of North America who was recently named Minneapolis' Best Print Collective in the Twin Cities by City Pages. Congrats guys you deserve it !!!!!

The follow is a video they shot at the shop.

New Alex Pardee Cage shirts coming next week

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Alex Pardee will be selling 3 new shirt designs next week. Here is what the first design looks like. More tomorrow check back.

Plush Is Not a Crime: Say Hello to Jellyface

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What do you get when you combine a surreal Stonehenge aesthetic with eco-aware plush as envisioned by two creative Italians? JELLYFACE, apparently. The missive from Joe (the graphic designer) and Fau (the dressmaker) hit my inbox out of nowhere, so I was surprised to see how thorough (and, frankly, awesome) a range of JELLYFACE products already exist. There are several patterned plushes that riff on current environmental concerns. My favorite, Jellywood, (I had to do a screengrab to show you below) namechecks San Francisco in its plight to preserve the forests.
Series 1 exists in an edition of 500 7.5-inch plushes, with a smaller (250 pieces) edition of larger 16.5-inchers on the way. They’ve also got custom JELLYFACE plushes, which you can customize and submit to them for a 2009 contest. Patterned plushes run ~53 USD and blanks are ~40 USD. They’ve also got a selection of special items, like JELLY DICEHEADS to hang from your rear view mirror. Fun stuff for sure. Not exactly items of necessity amidst a recession, but if the economy isn’t affecting you (yet), check these guys out and make me jealous.

JELLYFACE is a project between Joe, a graphic designer, and Fau, a creative dressmaker. The artistic duo based in Italy is making new characters and enjoying art-toys world since 2008. Their work is probably best described as a combination of surreal images, pop-culture and love for nature and disparate materials. Art-Toys are amazing and charming, they are what we are and, like a mirror, they reflect our society. Now Joe and Fau are working on the world of JELLYFACE creating and sewing a new plush family, 100% handcrafted. Pop in and be part of the family!

Sneak Peek Crappy Cat & FERG BUDS from Jamungo Series 3

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Here's an exciting (at least to me ;p) sneak peek at a couple of upcoming BUDs for Series 3 by Jamungo - featuring a CrappyCat and a FERG-fig in BUD-form!

- The broken bottle in CrappyCat's paws will be "clear" in the final version.
- FERG's hoodie is tailored fabric! And the figure looks to be GID? (my unfounded speculation)
- As VanBeater mentioned on the Jamungo-forum, "BUDscribers" aka Jamungo-subscribers - will secure these guys.
- No further details as these are still in the prototype / WIP-stage, but hell they look exciting (but I said that already) *Cool*

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New shirts from Ames Bros Scrap your car... ride your bike

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Ames has released 2 new shirt designs. Check them out at

Dragon Lady art print By Aelhra

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Another amazing creation from Aelhra is coming our way. “Dragon Lady” is set to drop within the next couple of days. I will have release info and print run information at that time. This has been teased before so I wanted to let every know the day is getting close. When the time comes this print will be available in Aelhra’s store.

Update from Aelhra
One note - I wanted to do a little something extra, the special sets are all hand-deckled by me. A bit of extra work but worth it - they came out really nice.

Black Edtion $10
19 X 25.25 inches
2 color screen print
signed & numbered edition of 40

Fuschia Edition
19 X 25.25 inches
2 color screen print
signed & numbered edition of 5

Set of both $35
two prints - black & fuschia
approx. 17 X 23 inches each
both 2 color screen prints
signed & matched numbered set, edition of 15
both hand-deckled

Dragon Lady will go up Thursday 04/30 @ 8pm EST.


Just got this from Aelhra
Its a contest

Guess who Dragon Lady is and WIN a print!

Here's the rules:
1. Five guesses allowed.
2. They can be posted online for fun/discussion but to win guesses have to be submitted thru the Contact feature on my site: - Be aware, I will add you to my mailing list!
3. The Winner is the first in my Inbox to get it right. The Winner will be contacted privately to arrange delivery of the prize. It will be 100% FREE, I'll pick up shipping too.
PRIZE - Dragon Lady Black and some sort of surprise thing (like I sent you last time with Obsessed).
If there's any of you not familiar with this print yet here's all the particulars:
Contest ENDS Thursday 04/30 @ 10pm EST.

20% off Bamboo Fine Art Prints @ Gelaskins

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Gelaskins is having a sale on all of the Bamboo Fine Art Prints, 20% off which brings them down to $24 a pop. Thats a great deal and really helps out if your like me and want multiple prints from many of the artists they feature.

Gelaskins Fine Art Prints

Tchoki - Milky Rabbit Edition

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The Tchoki - Milky Rabbit Edition - is a 2.5" tall resin figure designed by Pew36 Animation Studios (UK). It also sports four points of articulation. Limited to 1,000 pieces, look for this resin figure to retail around $10. Wholesale inquiries can contact DKE Toys. Or look for them at your favorite vinyl toy retailer.

Damien Hirst For Harley Davidson

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Recently we have seen artist Damien Hirst work with several brands, including Supreme and Levi’s. The latest collaborative project was done together with Harley Davidson. The artist gave a Cross Bone and matching helmet the look of his famous spin paintings. Via GQ.

The motocorcylce was auctioned off last week for a good cause in Los Angeles. Check out the matching helmet in detail.

Natural Wood Pecanpals by Noferin Arrive May 5th

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Noferin has announced a drop date for the previously teased Natural Wood Pecanpals: May 5th. The 6.5-inch figures are all 100% wood and hand-crafted with articulated joints. They will be limited to an edition of “300 friends.” In addition, Noferin adds:

Pecanpals are made from 100% sustainably harvested wood. They are made from rubber tree wood that would otherwise go to waste. Rubber trees are planted for their rubber, and after about 20 years, their rubber yields start to diminish. We use this beautiful wood, thus saving it from the fire pit.

No two Pecanpals look the same. They all have very unique markings due to the wood grain. Some are spotted, some have a marbled look, some are a mixture of the two. We are very pleased with these figures, and hope that you enjoy them too.

As if owning your own Pecanpal wasn’t enough joy, Noferin will reward folks who adopt a full set of figures with a hand-carved, hand-cut, hand-painted and hand-pressed wooden print. If you’re on the fence, remember: the painted pals sold out fast, and I’ve yet to read a single negative word about this series.

Moonalice Arlington, VA poster by Dave Hunter

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Artist Dave Hunter designed the Moonalice gig poster for their concert on April 27, 2009 at the IOTA Club & Cafe in Arlington, VA.

Offset Lithograph

12.75 X 17.25

ON sale details to follow

Moonalice Winchester, VA poster by Chris Shaw

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Chris Shaw designed the Moonalice concert poster for their show on April 25, 2009 at the Virgina Brewing Company, in Winchester, VA.

Details to follow

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some Ass For Your Desktop

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I’ve seen a wide variety of completely extraneous USB peripherals designed to do nothing more than mildly entertain as they suck valuable electricity from your computer’s sparking, sad heart, but I think that things have reached a new pinnacle of bizarre excess when we’ve started to plug wiggling schoolgirl asses into our computing devices.

As spied over on the always entertaining and disturbing J-List, these $18 peripheral devices by Banpresto are simply and accurately translated to ‘USB Shaking Hip’, and currently come in two varieties : pink polka dots, and blue stripes (though I did see other colors elsewhere, if you’re really that particular).

And indeed, as evidenced by this YouTube video, they do shake around in a menacingly inhuman manner. Not even a suggestive gyration here - just a limbless rocking back and forth. I don’t even have any of my usual suggestions about what to pair this with to amplify its unique qualities. Unless, of course, you’re Armin Meiwes.

3 New Shepard Fairey Obey Giant Art Prints Flower Vine

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New Shepard Fairey release this week Flower Vine

Each one is
Edition of 100, 18 x 24, $45
Signed and Numbered
On Sale 4/29 at Random $45 each

Good Luck

Zero Cool release two new prints from CopyRight

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5 colour screen prints, edition of 75 at only £75 each. 2 beautiful fighting chicks warming up for his solo show in Tokyo this summer ‘Fight of the Paper Tiger’ Grab on here

Check out his other stuff it looks really good. First time I have seen this artist.

About CopyRight
Copyright grew up on the mean streets of Bristol foraging for Panda Pop, Fizz Bombs and Cola Cubes and as a result spent many sugar fuelled nights scribbling on walls with the finest quality crayons. A natural talent for art soon developed and he gained fans quickly, his dad still has a fabulous collection of early works that would rival Saatchi and he was soon short listed for the well prestigious Tony Hart ‘Gallery’ and Blue Peter's 'Wall of Fame'.

After watching the bigger kids he soon dropped the crayons and picked up the spray can and the future as they say is history. Roses and Ladies started to spring up along the South Coast and as his work evolved it transferred from the streets to the galley and from walls to canvas.

Soon the magazines came knocking at his door but he stood firm he wouldn’t go topless no matter how much they offered. The remaining years have been filled with a move from East London back to his home city of Bristol, shows, prints and magazine features which don’t need to sit on the top shelf.


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From Pop Monkey

Well, those of you sick to death of hearing about ZOMBAMA nonsense may as well tune out now. I'm heading down to Sunny Sarasota Florida later this week to help out with the second print run of my ZOMBAMA: BRAINS! shirts. About half of the planned run has already been claimed and paid for, so if you want to ensure yourself one of these puppies, contact me asap and I'll send you a paypal invoice and ship it to you immediately upon my return with the booty!

There are several other factors contributing to my trip down there. First and foremost is a driving need to just get the heck out of town for a few days and leave my troubles behind. I won't elaborate on that, but I need desperately to get my mind off "things" here, and this trip should do the trick. I need to learn more about the screenprinting procees itself, and actually participate in it, because it's obviously something I'm very interested in, and I feel I should know as much as possible about it considering shirt design seems to be the avenue I've been guided down lately. I'll be able to watch and learn and hang out with Kyle and Nick of Screenkillers Printing, and bring the finished haul back with me when all's said and done!

It's also a bit of providence that the Ringling School of Art and Design Senior Illustration Thesis Show will be held this coming Friday while I'm in town. I wanted to go down last year to see the show, which is always very interesting and bursting with promising talent, but I wasn't able to. So, I'm looking forward to taking in the show and meeting some of the talented students (and perhaps old instructors) at my alma mater. If any of the old Ringling crew who are reading this are going to be there as well, send me a note and let me know and I'll keep an eye out for you, and we can meet up and tell tales together.

I'm including a picture of me wearing one of the TeeFury print run of the Zombama shirt. We're going to reproduce this size, style and color as accurately as possible, so that should give you a good idea of what the finished product will look like.

Trent Reznor announces Relaxed camera policy for NIN/JA Tour defined

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From Trent

In an effort to allow you to document your experience at the upcoming NIN/JA performances, we will be relaxing our photo/video policy (5/7/09 - 6/12/09 only). Fans will be permitted to bring in their personal cameras, video and audio recorders. This is not not an open door policy for any and all recording devices. Please try to use common sense as we are trying to ensure this experience is great for everyone attending. Don't show up with a television crew and a recording studio.
To be clear: this applies only to the North American NIN/JA tour.


I have a nice SLR camera and lens and I want to shoot photos. YES.
I have a high-quality camcorder and want to record video / audio. YES.
I have a shoulder-mounted broadcast-quality video camera and want to shoot the show. NO.
I have a flash-based audio recorder with a stereo hand-held mic and want to record the show. YES.
I have a full Pro-Tools rig running off a generator and want to record the show. NO.
I don't have any recording devices but I'd kind of like to make out with Ilan. NO (probably).

The following guidelines will be enforced.

- Photo and video access is granted only for non-commercial private use.
- Photo and video access is limited to areas permitted by type of ticket held.
- NO access to barricade/photo pit.
- NO shoulder mounted video equipment allowed, all cameras must be hand held.
- NO equipment with a dimension longer than 20 inches (including cameras, lenses, etc.)
- NO equipment bags that violate existing venue bag policies (check with venue)
- NO external supports (tripods, monopods, steadicam mounts, mic stands, etc.)
- NO video or audio broadcast equipment (microwave, RF, etc.)
- NO external power equipment
- NO lighting equipment (mounted or secondary)


If you plan to take advantage of this relaxed policy, we recommend that you
do the following...
- Carefully review your equipment to ensure it meets these specs.
- Arrive early for possible security delays.
- If your equipment is so expensive and/or fragile that you'd freak out if something happened to it, leave it behind, we're not responsible.
- Do not interfere with anyone else's enjoyment of the show or create a hazard.

We will do our best to make sure venue security staff is aware of our camera policy. However, there are always going to be cases where local security misunderstands and attempts to enforce a stricter camera policy. This is unfortunately one of the hazards of attempting to be considerably more open about recording than most of the concert industry. If a security guard hassles you for equipment that is allowed under our guidelines, please ask him to speak with NIN security about the matter and we will do our best to resolve it.

Audio and video recorded at NIN/JA shows is for personal use only, and cannot under any circumstances be sold or used for profit in any way.

Couple of new Kevin Tong posters Wilco and Ladytron

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Ladytron and Art Print are 14 x 25 inches

Wilco is 15 x 25 inches

Kevin Tong has released some really nice posters one is for the Wilco Spring Tour and the other for Ladytron and Faint in Los Angeles. They should be for sale soon on his site and the Wilco store.

More info just in from Kevin

Here's the info:
Edition- Unlimited, 25 signed and numbered for sale at my online
store. Wilco's store carries the unsigned ones. Wilco's store will
sell them first, then my store. They should go up for sale at in a few days. Price is currently
unknown, though the posters were a hit on tour.

Edition: 70. 28 are signed.
Price: $25

Art prints also available.
Edition of 20.
Price: $30

The Ladytron/Faint poster and art print will be available for sale at
my store tonight and also at about a week later. has larger images.

The Dead Weather announce 2 new shows

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Jack White's new band is hitting the road again.
The Dead Weather are pleased to announce that they will be performing at the Austin City Limits Music Festival in Austin, Texas in early October. For tickets and additional information please visit

The band will also be performing at City Block in Louisville, KY on June 11th. Presale tickets for this show will become available on Wednesday, April 29th at 10 am EST through the band's site HERE. Tickets go on sale to the public on Saturday, May 9th at 10 am EST.

Stay tuned for more dates to be announced shortly...

We Are Human art print poster By Shepard Fairey And Ernesto Yerena

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From Shepard Fairey
I am an immigrant. My ancestors left England and Scotland to come to this land to create a better life for themselves and their families. America is a land of immigrants. Ironically, the people’s who this land was inhabited by before “Americans” were Native Americans North and South American descent. I bring up this history not to stir up controversy or animosity, but to simply point out the complexity of who is entitled to live here. Something that is not complex and should not be controversial is the right of all humans to be treated like humans. People coming to America for the same reasons our ancestors did deserve human rights. The United States was created by immigrants and now our country needs immigration reform. I collaborated on this project with my co-worker Ernesto Yerena who shot the photos and helped with the graphics. Zack De La Rocha and Producciones Cimarron provided input and support. All the proceeds from these posters go to creating materials for the May Day marches and donations for immigration reform organizations. Thanks for supporting human rights!

Edition(s) of 450, 18 x 24, $45 each
Screenprint Editions will go on Sale at 4/30 at Noon


You can also read the message from ZACK DE LA ROCHA there as well


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New from Birdbath Publishing and Michael Hussar Sweet Jesus art print.

Limited Edition Series of 44 ~ Signed and Numbered ~ Archival Paper ~ CoA ~ Unframed ~ 13"x17"

On Sale now $350 over at Birdbath

Alex Pardee New CHADAM ANIMATED SERIES Video! Secret Voices Revealed!


From Alex

I know I haven't recently mentioned the CHADAM ANIMATED SERIES that I have
been working on for almost 2 years now, but that's only because all of the
exciting stuff I am forced to keep secret. Anyway, a handful of secrets that
I have been almost to the point of physically leaking out of my pores has
been unleashed like the Krakken today, courtesy of my favorite sci-fi blog,
io9. I will not bore you with the details, but i WILL tell you that after
you check this out, you should know that these 2 days of production were one
of, if not THE, coolest days of my professional life. Seriously. I
simultaneously shook, drooled, and smiled like Miley the entire 48 hours. Go
check it out, more updates soon. Chadam is going to rule the school. The
team that is producing it and slaving over it is incredible!

We've got an exclusive clip of the voice talent for Alex Pardee's Chadam recording their parts. Jeffrey Combs, Katey Sagal, and Carl Weathers all lend their vocal stylings to bring the eerie world to life.

The trippy little web series, soon to have a home at the, is being created using Unreal Engine (which is responsible for such gorgeous video games as Bioshock). The story follows a blockheaded boy, Chadam, who has the glandular power to change the world with his super-imagination. The amazing Jeffrey Combs plays the evil villain, Viceroy. The creep-fest of delightfully spooky characters comes from the mind of Alex Pardee, and we can't wait to see more. Until then, this video, and a screenshot from the actual series, will have to do.

Chadam Voice-Over Exclusive from io9 on Vimeo

Chadam Voice-Over Exclusive from io9 on Vimeo.

Angry Woebots x Moedigliani - Moebots Print

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Silent Stage will drop this very nice Angry Woebots x Moedigliani "Moebots" print tomorrow – Tuesday, April 28th 2009 @ Noon PDT. Featuring the image from the artists' collabo painting from the Stay Gold show @ Blue Hawaii, this giclee measures out at 12” x 12”, is limited to 25 pieces, and will only set you back $55.

Teaser/Releases: Shepard Fairey Los Angeles Exhibition - Summer 2009

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After a whirlwind tour of the nation over the past two years, Shepard Fairey is finally returning to the City of Angels. This will be Shepard’s first exhibition in Los Angeles since his groundbreaking 2007 “Imperfect Union” show at Merry Karnowsky.

This exhibition will be held in conjunction with Arkitip to coincide with the release of the latest issue (#51) of the magazine. As with all issues, a special limited edition “artist contribution” gift will be included with every magazine. Previous special collaborations with numerous high profile artists have quickly sold out. To guarantee your copy, go to Arkitip and subscribe by May 5th.

KAWS OriginalFake 4 Feet Dissected Companion leak photos

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After two grey versions and a black version that was seen, but never released, we get a first look today at the next 4 feet Companion figure from Original Fake. The next large scale toy will be the dissected Companion from artist Kaws. The release date has not been announced yet, but expect something very soon.

Price tag $3900