Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dragon Lady art print By Aelhra

Another amazing creation from Aelhra is coming our way. “Dragon Lady” is set to drop within the next couple of days. I will have release info and print run information at that time. This has been teased before so I wanted to let every know the day is getting close. When the time comes this print will be available in Aelhra’s store.

Update from Aelhra
One note - I wanted to do a little something extra, the special sets are all hand-deckled by me. A bit of extra work but worth it - they came out really nice.

Black Edtion $10
19 X 25.25 inches
2 color screen print
signed & numbered edition of 40

Fuschia Edition
19 X 25.25 inches
2 color screen print
signed & numbered edition of 5

Set of both $35
two prints - black & fuschia
approx. 17 X 23 inches each
both 2 color screen prints
signed & matched numbered set, edition of 15
both hand-deckled

Dragon Lady will go up Thursday 04/30 @ 8pm EST.


Just got this from Aelhra
Its a contest

Guess who Dragon Lady is and WIN a print!

Here's the rules:
1. Five guesses allowed.
2. They can be posted online for fun/discussion but to win guesses have to be submitted thru the Contact feature on my site: - Be aware, I will add you to my mailing list!
3. The Winner is the first in my Inbox to get it right. The Winner will be contacted privately to arrange delivery of the prize. It will be 100% FREE, I'll pick up shipping too.
PRIZE - Dragon Lady Black and some sort of surprise thing (like I sent you last time with Obsessed).
If there's any of you not familiar with this print yet here's all the particulars:
Contest ENDS Thursday 04/30 @ 10pm EST.

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  1. WOOHOO! looks like i won, the woman is classic porn star kandi barbour.