Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Boris the Raccoon Vinyl by Nathan Hamill

If the reveal of Edward Ruiz’ resin raccoon wasn’t enough raccoon for you, we’ve got one in vinyl too. Nathan Hamill sent us info about his upcoming rotocast vinyl raccoon inspired by cartoony animals, the Napoleon complex and Joe Pesci. “I’ve always had a fascination with raccoons,” writes Nathan. “I grew up in an area where I encountered them pretty regularly. Enough so that the house I grew up in had a mailbox with an illustration of two raccoons and the words ‘The Raccoon Lodge’ on it. The vinyl Boris is a amalgamation of my favorite parts of all the raccoons I’ve sketched so far.”

The 2.5-inch figure is being produced by U1 Toy Arts and will be distributed through DKE Toys this summer. You can also pick one up at SDCC 09
via toy cyte

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