Thursday, April 30, 2009

Plush Is Not a Crime: Say Hello to Jellyface

What do you get when you combine a surreal Stonehenge aesthetic with eco-aware plush as envisioned by two creative Italians? JELLYFACE, apparently. The missive from Joe (the graphic designer) and Fau (the dressmaker) hit my inbox out of nowhere, so I was surprised to see how thorough (and, frankly, awesome) a range of JELLYFACE products already exist. There are several patterned plushes that riff on current environmental concerns. My favorite, Jellywood, (I had to do a screengrab to show you below) namechecks San Francisco in its plight to preserve the forests.
Series 1 exists in an edition of 500 7.5-inch plushes, with a smaller (250 pieces) edition of larger 16.5-inchers on the way. They’ve also got custom JELLYFACE plushes, which you can customize and submit to them for a 2009 contest. Patterned plushes run ~53 USD and blanks are ~40 USD. They’ve also got a selection of special items, like JELLY DICEHEADS to hang from your rear view mirror. Fun stuff for sure. Not exactly items of necessity amidst a recession, but if the economy isn’t affecting you (yet), check these guys out and make me jealous.

JELLYFACE is a project between Joe, a graphic designer, and Fau, a creative dressmaker. The artistic duo based in Italy is making new characters and enjoying art-toys world since 2008. Their work is probably best described as a combination of surreal images, pop-culture and love for nature and disparate materials. Art-Toys are amazing and charming, they are what we are and, like a mirror, they reflect our society. Now Joe and Fau are working on the world of JELLYFACE creating and sewing a new plush family, 100% handcrafted. Pop in and be part of the family!

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