Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sneak Peek Crappy Cat & FERG BUDS from Jamungo Series 3

Here's an exciting (at least to me ;p) sneak peek at a couple of upcoming BUDs for Series 3 by Jamungo - featuring a CrappyCat and a FERG-fig in BUD-form!

- The broken bottle in CrappyCat's paws will be "clear" in the final version.
- FERG's hoodie is tailored fabric! And the figure looks to be GID? (my unfounded speculation)
- As VanBeater mentioned on the Jamungo-forum, "BUDscribers" aka Jamungo-subscribers - will secure these guys.
- No further details as these are still in the prototype / WIP-stage, but hell they look exciting (but I said that already) *Cool*

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