Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dalek & Mike Giant Exhibition

The Magda Danysz Gallery is pleased to welcome two major artists from the street art scene who have developed very unique styles of their own : Dalek and Mike Giant. Though they have very different styles they talk about the same culture, the same influences and the same world.

Dalek is one of the artists who just like Shepard Fairey, Dave Kinsey, and Twist (aka Barry McGee) is taking the old school styles of graffiti while exposing the work to a whole new audience.

Mike Giant has added the whole tattoo culture to his graffiti background. He started writing in 1989. Early on, he was influenced by his graffiti partners a lot, as well as by writers like Twist, Rem, and KR. A habit he has kept from his graffiti years as now, Mike Giant uses words as the building blocks of language.

The exhibition runs from April 25th until May 23rd

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