Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Daniel Danger Andrew Bird Poster and Mogwai

12 x24 4 colors

Some will be for sale at the Boston show and later on his web site

On sale details to follow

From DD on the Andrew Bird poster
the first of three new prints ive been working on this past week. this is the tour print for andrew birds European tour; and he just plain loved it so theyre ordering a ton to sell at the shows. if you havent heard him, check him out. i discovered him a few years back while i was on tour playing guitar with the band pyramids. the pressing plant was supposed to drop ship our LPs to us while on the road, and when we opened the boxes there was on box of our album and every other box was andrew birds ‘mysterious production of eggs’. given it had jay ryan artwork on the cover, i gave him a call and told him if andrew was looking for his records, we had em. anyways, i stole one and it became one of my favorite albums that year. when i met andrew a few years later, i attempted to retell this story and frankly just came across as a bumbling weirdo who may or may not have stolen a few boxes of his record.

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