Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Patrick Francisco and the $1 Custom Mega Munny!

Mr. Patrick Francisco is quickly developing a reputation for finding new, interesting and innovative ways to make his customized toys accessible to the masses. First, it was hiding them in the dangerous nooks of subway stations, and now, it’s the incredible $1 Mega Munny raffle.

And it’s a stunningly beautiful Munny, too. No, Patrick is not one to skimp on the quality or details even though the profitability of this endeavor might be nebulous at best. This Mega Munny is oil painted, and the deep, night blue and skulls and birds create a terribly stunning collection of images that would surely dominate any respectable display. As a sucker for skulls myself, I kinda need the hell outta this.

The raffle goes down on the night of May 1st at Long Island City’s APW Gallery ‘3’ Show, which will feature Patrick, Jerome Miller and Poline Soshinka. If you’re going to PayPal your entries in, have ‘em in by April 27th so everything can be sorted out. Five runners-up will receive consolation prizes from Dragatomi. It’s a raffle that’s absolutely worth the chance.

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